Tips To Ensure Your Mats Are Clean

Many homeowners are willing to do whatever they can to remove unappealing grime that keeps taking over their homes. Regardless of how much you try to maintain a clean place, the results you get are seldom similar to the ones you expect. Learn how to prevent dirt from entering your home and think about placing mats at the entrance. The following tips are meant to help you preserve your mats in good condition for as long as possible. 

1. Opt for the right doormat

A suitable doormat will help you decrease the amount of time you spend trying to get rid of dirt. The most important aspect you have to consider each time you purchase a doormat is size. If you want it to work properly, it should definitely be longer than an ordinary stride. In fact, a doormat should allow you to step with both feet on it before entering the residence, and its width should not exceed the one of the door. The goal of these doormats is to attract the dirt existing on your feet so that it doesn’t enter the house.

If you’re wondering what type of doormat you should opt for, the answer is acrylic mats provided with either a rubber or vinyl backing. This type of doormat is easy to vacuum and can be even shaken outside to remove the dirt. Purchase a doormat whose color is in accordance to your interior décor, but opt for a darker shade. If you live in a muddy area, you are advised to place a wire rack under the mat; this way you can easily scrape the mud gathered on your shoes/boots before entering the house. 

2. Floor mats are also helpful

Floor mats can be very helpful in areas with high traffic such as baths, toilets, and fridge areas. However, don’t purchase anything before making sure that you won’t slip on the rug. For example, many people who place floor mats in front of their kitchen sink end up getting rid of them because they’re very slippery. Runners are great choices; they’re stable and they’re made of materials you can be easily cleaned such as vinyl for example. Opt for appealing colors and make sure they match with your home’s overall décor as well. 

3. Doormats are not difficult to maintain 

All you have to do is shake them regularly to get rid of the dust. Besides, vacuuming them can also help from time to time.  Of course, everything depends on the material you’ve decided to choose for your mat. Rubber and cork for example, can be easily washed with water. Poly coir, coco brush and mahogany might demand cleaning products every once in a while, but just to remove superficial layers of dirt, just shake them off periodically. 

4. What can be done to grimy mats

If your doormats are grimy, you can try to use warm water and some liquid soap to clean them. Rinse everything down with a brush and leave the doormat outside to dry. If you want to make sure that you’ve done everything by the book, you can try to use upholstery shampoo. Before replacing the doormat make certain it’s completely dry. Most people use the same doormat for months without cleaning it, which is wrong because a worn mat won’t be able to catch the right amount of dirt. You home will be packed with grime and filth, and that’s not safe for your family. 

5. Ask the people who enter your home to take off their shoes

The best way to keep your indoor mats clean is to ask guests to take off their shoes upon arrival. Although kids are stubborn and they will probably go in and out with their shoes on, parents should set some ground rules for them as well. 

Cleaning entrance mats is not that challenging as it seems. Most rugs are waterproof and resistant to harsh weather conditions, so you can shake them, beat them with a broom, or vacuum them to remove grime and dirt. Nevertheless, make sure to wash them every once in a while because at some point they won’t be able to absorb dirt anymore, regardless of how hard you shake them. 

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