Getting Pregnant After 40

Despite the fact that many women nowadays give birth at a younger age, there are still those who have reached 40 years old and have not been pregnant. There are several reasons why some women haven't experienced motherhood just yet. It may be because of a busy career, relationship issues, or that she isn't ready for the responsibility. Whatever the reason, a woman comes to a point in her life when she becomes mentally, emotionally, and financially ready to bear a child.

However, researchers and seasoned moms say that a woman's fertility declines as she grows older. Although a lot of older women have borne a child, getting pregnant after 40 is not that easy as when you were still in your 20s or 30s. This is the same case for women who have not yet given birth and for those who already have in their younger years. It's not impossible, but you have to do extra efforts to increase your chances of fertility.

Let's get down to the facts first: A woman's reproductive system is at its highest in her 20s. When she reaches 35, the risk of not getting pregnant increases by 22%. There is no way for us to stop a woman's natural body clock, but one can adopt positive lifestyle changes that increase the odds of childbirth. The best thing to do before you start conditioning your body is to see your doctor first. You have to ensure that you are healthy and physically ready to start the journey. This includes getting tested for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, diabetes, and other issues that might hinder fertility. Once you undergo the necessary tests and get oriented with what needs to be done, then you become one step closer to getting pregnant after 40

The most important things that you have to consider are:
1. Achieving and maintaining a normal weight by eating healthily and exercising.
2. Monitoring your menstrual cycle so you'll know when you are most fertile.
3. Taking fertility supplements like grapefruit extracts, vitamin C, iron, folate, and herbal remedies like saw palmetto and red clover.
4. Abstinence from alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeinated beverages.

The success may not be the same for every woman who tries but try hard enough and do all means to reach your goal, with the help of your partner of course. Remember, this journey isn't just about being physically ready, it is also about being mentally and emotionally fit.

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