Stay Healthy While Traveling

When traveling, there are a few minor things that you can do to improve your health or to keep you from going through a bad health experience. It is important to visit your doctor to check for the possibility of health complications while traveling. Your doctor will also be able to give you advice on how the place you are about to visit will affect your health and how to avoid any infectious diseases that may be in the area.

Apart from checking with your doctor, another minor thing that you could do to greatly improve your health is to extensively research on the place you intend to visit. This will help you determine whether the water and food is of a high standard, if the climate is favorable, or if there are disease causing insects like mosquitoes and tsetse flies in the area. Mosquitoes are mainly prevalent in most parts of Asia, South America, Africa, and the pacific. Consuming poorly cooked foodstuffs or drinking contaminated water may give you typhoid, dysentery, Hepatitis A, or even cholera.

You should consider getting immunized before you take any trip. Prevention is always better than cure so try to get immunized for Cholera, Yellow Fever, and Hepatitis A as these are the most common transmittable diseases. Watch out for travel agents who claim to offer travel packages that don't require immunization as they may just be trying to get money out of you, at the cost of your health. Talk to your doctor first before getting any immunization done as some jabs are not suitable for pregnant women or babies. Though harmless, immunizations have some side effects such as a sore arm, nausea, or some slight fever.

Do not travel if you are sick. This is because you might aggravate your disease and put other people at risk of catching it. If you really have to go, carry all your medications and take them all as prescribed by your physician. Also check your medical cover to see if it applies to the area you want to visit and to see if there are any emergency evacuation services that come with it. With a quarter of the population traveling daily and about a quarter of this falling sick, it is important to always take precautions while traveling by getting the best medical care at the most reasonable price.

Moreover, you have to check if your passport is valid by filling in the passport form on your country's passport website before leaving to avoid any hassles with airport officials.

Always carry internally accepted credit cards or travelers' cheques with you. Also carry some cash in paper currency in case of a medical emergency in a remote area where credit cards are not accepted. Talk to your travel agent about the best way to carry money around in the place where you are going. Remember to ensure that the name on your credit cards is similar to the name on your passport before you leave.

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