Encouraging Kids To Do Yoga

If your child is putting on weight and does not get enough exercise through the day, you may need to put special emphasis on their diet and make sure that they get enough activity through the day. For children that have suddenly put on too much weight, are shy about working out in a gym or at the park or have a health concern that prevents them from indulging in strenuous forms of workouts, yoga could be the perfect low-key, high impact workout. However, it is also a tad too slow paced for most kids and parents find it hard to get their kids to develop an interest in it. Here are a few tips that can help create interest in kids towards yoga.

Choose a yoga style that is suited to your child’s health status

If you are trying to get your kid interested in yoga purely for weight loss or health reasons, you have got to ensure that you pick a yoga style that is suited to their health status. Most grownups think that children are simply bundles of energy and have the kind of flexibility to perform even the most rigorous forms of yoga but the fact remains that children that are overweight or obese or suffer from a health ailment may not have what it takes to perform a rigorous form of yoga. Consult an expert before enrolling your child in yoga class and ensure that your child starts the class from an absolute beginner level otherwise they would find the activity too hard and quit it early on.

Enroll them in a kiddie yoga class

Children love group activities which are why group yoga classes for kids are a lot more successful in piquing kids’ interest in the workout than when they are asked to do it on their own or with a parent. Ask your child’s school if they can include yoga sessions in the curriculum; if they don’t, you can always petition the PTA to have one in place even if it doesn’t come with credits. Kiddie yoga classes are a little difficult to find though a trained and experienced practitioner might have one in place or might be interested in offering one on the condition that you get a bunch of other kids to enroll in such a class as well.

Don’t make yoga too serious for them

Most adults turn to yoga for a holistic workout and mind-body healing experience. However, most kids, including rowdy teens, often don’t need that level of calming down and serenity. That being said, a yoga workout could help them unwind and etc. their mind of their issues like schoolwork, social life and puberty etc. But trying to get a child to get all somber for a yoga class is near impossible and parents need to remember that children would respond a lot more to yoga if it is made appealing to them. Try putting on peppy music for their yoga sessions, or allow them to indulge in dance yoga hybrids styles or even get them to wear fun costumes during workouts. to make it fun for them, you can ask kids to make animal noises when they do a pose named after one, like they can make meow sounds when doing the cat pose, roar when doing a lion pose, hiss during the cobra pose and bark during the downward dog!

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