How to Reduce Stress Without Spending Money

Stress is often a harmful thing to human body. Too much stress could bring in several illnesses, which could be detrimental to your well being and health. You may not be harmed by normal stress level, however, with higher levels; you could lead to a number of negative health conditions. These include heart palpitations, chest pain, panic attacks, depression, chronic headaches/fatigues, insomnia, Irritable bowel syndrome, low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia), etc. Stress can also change your personality a lot and hamper the way it deals or interact with others. If you look at the issues of aggressiveness, anger, mood swings, verbal abuse and road rage, the root to these behavioral things is the stress in your life. Hence it is important to bust the stress and good news is that it can be reduced without spending any money. Let’s check such methods.

Take a break while working

When you work at your offices or business places, taking a break is the best way to slash down the stress level and for this you hardly need to spend any money. Regardless of your work schedule and number of tasks you have over your desk, make sure you take a pause with a break for few minutes and beat the stress gearing up around your body. For instance, you can take a 15 minutes break in the first half and second in the afternoon. Also, you could think of taking a break for lunch for an hour or so. While working, both your body and brain seems to be engaged and exposed to several activities, hence it’s vital to take a break rest your mind and eyes and body for a while, simply to beat the stress.

Try deep breathing

Another free of cost option to beat the stress is to carry out a couple of deep breathing exercises. As per studies, these exercises simply help in relaxing your body when you have a stressful day. The moment you feel that you are stressed, take a break and stand up straight and then start taking a deep breath, and hold for few seconds followed by exhaling it slowly. You need to repeat this process a number of times till your muscles relax. With proper breathing, you can help in slashing down the heart rate, which helps in relieving you from stress.

Have a regular exercise

The other way to reduce your stress level without paying anything extra is to exercise regularly. You could get up early and go out in any park to jog, move over your cycle or even walk near your place for around 10 to 15 minutes. Also trying things like Yoga and aerobic programs that comes for free could be useful for you to beat the stress. Such programs are often sponsored over schools and workplaces; you do not have to pay anything to be part of these and thus beat the stress without spending anything extra from your wallet.

Bake your favorite cake or cookies

The homemade cookies, cakes or any other desserts are fun to try at your home kitchen. It not only enlightens your mood but also give you energy while you feel stressed. The fun associated in baking a cake or preparing any other dessert could play a vital role in beating up the stress. Don’t worry; you do not have to buy anything extra, as any good home kitchen would always carry the required ingredients to prepare these desserts. Eating a dessert is always a stress beating exercise.

Play some sports

Instead of trying some video games, playing some sports like football, tennis, volleyball or basket ball can certainly help you in reducing the stress from your body. Trying these sports will certainly help you in rendering the best opportunity to bust your stress found in your body. Plus, it also helps you in interacting with other people thus making yourself free from the stress.

Update your photo albums

Today, you have digital cameras within your reach; some are in your cell phone handsets, and several other mobile devices. Hence taking up photos have become the simplest thing on earth. You often click photos of your happier moments, which you want to often remember. By updating these pictures in your photo album online, which you have not as yet updated them could really give some smiles over your face. Such feelings coming through this activity is certainly going to lift your spirits and reduce your stress level to a great extent.

Final word

At times, trying even some of the simplest things that are available for free could be enormously effective in order to avert the stress level in your body. So, if you are willing to lead a quality and stress free life, all you need to do is to follow the above said tips and bust the stress.

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