How to Set Up Office Hours at Home

More moms every day are choosing to work from home to be with their children and so that they won't miss any of their early years. While it is most women's dream to be able to stay home with her kids, it's not as easy as it may sound. Working from home can have many advantages such as spending more time with the children, still being able to have a career, and still having an additional income when things get tight. However, there are disadvantages as well such as getting the children, and the husband, to see that you do indeed have a job to do. There are ways to juggle home and work, you just have to know how to do it.

Set Priorities

The first thing any work at home mother has to do is set her priorities. Of course, the reason you are staying home to start with is for your children, so don't push them to the side. Instead, have them and your partner pitch in to make sure that the house is cleaned and meals are cooked. Let them know that when you are in your office you are working and need to be left alone.

Time Management

As with any type of job, inside or outside of the home, time management is the key to success. You need to establish a schedule for yourself and your family. Try posting a written schedule on the fridge to remind your family of when you are working. It's best to schedule your work hours around those of the children. If you have school-age children, work while they are in school and while they are doing their homework. For the younger ones, work during nap-time.

No mother wants to hear it, but daycare just for a couple of hours a day may be the answer to some of the problems you encounter setting up your home based office hours. You will be surprised what a difference those couple of hours will make to your stress level and your family life.

Plan Special Activities

All small children want to be like their parents, especially when it comes to work. Try scheduling special activities for your small children to do such as workbooks, coloring books, or anything that resembles the work that you are doing. For example, if you are a writer, get your child a tablet and have them it set up on the desk beside you so they can type as well. Stress how important it is that your child to meet their own personal "deadline" and make sure that these activities can only be done during your work hours. You child will be happy to be doing things with you and may just learn a few things as well.

Plan Wisely

When you set up your office hours these are the hours you need to stick with. When your workday is done, shut down your computer and close your office door so you won't be tempted to check your email or finish just one more article.

It is highly possible to have not only a great family life but an amazing career from home as well. You just have to organize, stick to your guns, and stay focused. Remember above all else you are doing this for the family you love, and it will all be worth it in the end.

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