Clean Your Home the Eco-Friendly Way

Have you ever thought how harmful to you and to the environment all chemicals that you use when cleaning your home are? Some of them can even cause serious allergic reactions to your skin. That is why it is a good idea to consider some eco-friendly ways of cleaning your home the next time you are doing it. 

The following list will give you some ideas on how to do it.

1. Washing the Curtains. As a matter of fact detergent is the thing that is very harmful for your curtains as it remains in the fabric itself. That is why you should wash them with very low amount of detergent and is they are too dirty you should steep them beforehand. When you are washing curtains, you should never put fabric softener in the water.

2. Cleaning the Carpet. You can actually wash the carpet without even taking it away from the flooring and without using any water. First, clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner and then evenly spread saleratus all over it. Leave it that way for one night and then clean it again with vacuum cleaner to remove the saleratus. You will be surprised of the effect – saleratus removes bad odor from the carpet and renovates its colors. 

3. Cleaning the Windows. The fastest, easiest and most efficient way of cleaning your windows is to use water and vinegar. You can also use only water and a microfiber cloth. Using vinegar when cleaning the windows has one great advantage – vinegar not only cleans the glass to perfection but it also protects it from the dust.  Using a sheet of newspaper is another way of cleaning the windows. It might be old-fashioned but has proven to be very effective during the years. Just wipe the windows after you have washed them with a wet cloth. 

4. Cleaning the Floor. For your polished flooring you can use again the combination of water and vinegar. It not only cleans the dirt but also makes the flooring look even brighter and shinier. If the flooring has started to lose its colors it would be better if you look for a preparation with natural wax in it.

5. Cleaning the Stove. When you are cleaning the stove you should avoid using detergents bought from the supermarkets and other stores and stick to using home - made ways of cleaning it as detergents are usually based on chemicals such as caustic soda which are poisonous. It is hard to completely remove them from your stove’s sides and when heated might seep into the food you are baking. For that reason it would be best if you use warm water for cleaning it. You can dissolve saleratus, vinegar or lemon juice in the water. Lemon juice will not only help you clean the stove but also will spread nice scent in the kitchen. As the stove is one of the most used kitchen gadgets and hence you should regularly clean it. 

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