The Best Philippine Beaches: Luzon

And now we are on to the second part of our Best Philippine Beaches series, which is the island of Luzon. If you haven’t read the first part of the series, you can read it here.

Luzon is the largest among the 3 major islands of the Philippine archipelago. It is home to the country’s capital city, Manila, thus it has become the center of trade and industry in the Philippines. The headquarters of the biggest corporations are in Manila, spread over its different business centers in Makati, Taguig, and Ortigas. Manila is also the political heart of the country because it is where the President of the Republic, Senators, and other main leaders work and reside.

Businesses and manufacturing companies are found all over the metropolitan area while farming, fishing, and livestock are the main livelihood in the rural areas. But aside from being the Philippine’s economic and political hub, Luzon is also home to long stretches of beautiful beaches.

Here are the top Luzon beaches that tourists visit all-year round:

    The province of Batangas is a famous get-away spot of many tourists as it is just a few hours drive from the capital city and nearby provinces. The beaches in Batangas boast of naturally beautiful sceneries that travelers seeking for ultimate relaxation will love. It also offers superb diving locations that adventurous travelers will surely enjoy.

    Below are the beach and diving destinations in Batangas:

    Nasugbu – This is a leading tourist destination in Batangas that offers crystal-clear waters and long stretches of white sand beaches. Nasugbu has many diving sites that allow the vacationers to glimpse its abundant marine life. The town also offers a lot of first-class accommodations that cater to different traveler preferences.

    Nasugbu Beach Batangas

    Calatagan – This is where vacation houses of many prominent families in Manila are located. Because of the stunning seascapes and landscapes, it is no wonder why Calatagan is a perfect place of sanctuary. It also exudes a historical appeal that is reminiscent of life during the Spanish era. Calatagan provides wake boarding adventures and even on-the-water cottages that allow you to be up close with its rich aquatic life. 

    Calatagan Beach Batangas
    Mabini – This town is the best diving destination in the whole province, with Anilao being its most famous diving site. Underwater, you can find a plethora of colorful coral reefs and fishes. Everything that a diver needs is provided in most Mabini resorts, including diving lessons and transportation. Moreover, the town of Mabini is on a hillside location that offers panoramic views of the beach.

    Mabini Beach Batangas

    Caramoan is an isolated and unspoiled group of islands in the province of Camarines Sur. It is known to be a secret paradise in the Philippines because only a few travelers know about and have actually set foot in this beautiful place. Caramoan is not just a picturesque paradise that anyone would like to get away to; it is also a place of great and diverse adventures that gives island vacation a whole new meaning.

    In Caramoan, tourists are not just limited to swimming and sun-bathing because there are a whole lot of activities to explore. You can do rock climbing, kayaking, island hopping, hiking, kite boarding, mountain biking, and snorkeling in the island. There is so much you can do here that will free your mind and rejuvenate your spirits.

    Caramoan Island



    The province of Zambales is situated in the Central Luzon region. It is where the Subic International Airport and Subic Bay Freeport Zone, where many natural parks, beach attractions, historical relics, and casinos are located. These are the main reasons why many people are drawn to this part of the Philippines.

    Zambales is blessed by nature with pristine beaches with powdery sands and thriving aquatic life. It is a perfect setting for those who would like to behold the best beaches in the Philippines that are not very far from Manila. It is only a 3-hour drive from the country’s capital city and is easily accessible by land or plane.

    One of the most famous beaches in Zambales is Anawangin. It is a quiet and tucked-in paradise that many mountaineers want to keep as their secret haven. It is lined with a verdant forest and lofty rocks that are great for trekking and grand viewing.

    Anawangin Beach Zambales

    Anawangin Beach

    So there you have it, my friends! These are three of the best beaches that Luzon has to offer. There are still great beaches tucked somewhere in the region and if you happen to know about or have visited them, please let me know in the comments section. Thanks! I hope you enjoyed the 2nd part of the Best Philippine Beaches series. Next week, we are off to the islands of Visayas!

    ‘Til next time :-)


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