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From Stay-at-home to Back-to-work


As a Stay-at-home mom, it is difficult to get back to work. Really?

Well, if you think it is difficult, here is a checklist that will help you get back to work without compromising.

1.    Are you fit to work?
Well, if you think that you are super active because you are a MOM, then you are playing the wrong game. Being active, you know that you are working hard to keep your baby active and happy. That makes you happy. But in the professional world, you are working for money and, to some extent, for the joy of working. So, keep this in your mind. 

2.    Are you planning to join a firm that is on your ‘interests’ list?
Well, if you are desperate to move out of your house and work, don’t make the mistake of choosing the first thing that comes in front of you. This is because; it will not be a ‘happy’ feeling working for that employer and, at the same time, you are unhappy at home. 

So, it is better to wait for the right opportunity and grab it. 

3.    Do you remember your past employer and co-workers?
If you want to get back to your previous employer, you should try and stay in touch with them. So, check your contact list and add them to favorites. Also, it is good to communicate with them occasionally so that you are updated on vacancies. Also, if you do not stay in touch with them, it will be quite awkward to ‘inform’ them that you want to resume work. So, stay in touch with them.

4.    Are you an ‘improved you’?
During your pregnancy, you were on leave and there was someone sitting on your office chair to impress the employers. So, if you are planning to resume work, you should be sure that you have upgraded your skills to maintain your position. For this, you should update your basic skills and then move a step ahead to upgrade them. If you are looking for learning material, you should buy some online. While buying them, use coupons from Chameleon John to make the most of your savings.

5.    Have you created your resume?
Moving to a new office after motherhood, it is difficult to enter an unknown territory. However, for the start, it will be your resume that will do the talking. So, create and update your resume accordingly. Also, be ready to face the interviewer/s.

6.    Have you told others about your decision?
Here, the intention is to know more about the opportunities available in the professional space where you can apply. Your friends and relatives can help you find the best opportunities in the professional world. So, tell them about your decision and wait for their response.

7.    What are your plans?
Once you have decided that you are getting back on track, some might ask your strategy to manage work and your baby. They might ask you about it for the sake of asking. However, this is an important question. So, think about it before announcing your arrival in the professional world.

Secrets Tips of using Air Fryer


When you have been eating a lot of fatty food items, you will agree that it is not good for your health. How to get good food and also remain healthy—both at the same time? Difficult isn’t it? Well, not really. There are thousands of households who have adopted the air frier and have gained fantastic results in just a matter of a few minutes.

When you use oil for frying, there is a lot of grease which makes the things really messy during cooking. When you compare the air frier with the traditional ways of cooking, you will find that there have been very few updates since the days of the traditional tandoor. The air friers of the recent years will give you the same great looks and the taste of oily foods. If you still want to retain the flavour of oily foods, you can try using some oil.

When you are using oil on the food items, you can add the oil directly to the food items—rather than to the food items. In this way, the food item will get the original taste of the tandoori items and also retain the nutritive value. If you have been trying to lose weight, buying the air frier is the best alternative. You can start off with little foods so that your gut gets accustomed with the taste of dried foods from the dhabaas.

If you are successful with one dish, you can try taking some other methods of cooking. When you buy the air frier, you will have to make sure that you are using the latest ingredients for the food items. With the air friers, you can fry, roast, grill and roast food items.          

Before you begin cooking with the air frier, you will have to know how does an air fryer work. Firstly, read the instructions very carefully. There are some very good videos available on the internet that will demonstrate the use of the air frier. If you are ordering the air frier from a popular online store, you will find external packaging that needs to be removed. You will have to remove all stickers or labels that are there on the air frier. Once all this is done, you will have to wash the air frier. Ideally you can use warm water and a mild detergent to wash the basket and the pan of the air frier.

Most air friers that are available in the market are dishwasher safe. So if you have a dishwasher, you can use it to wash the pan. After the washing is done, you will have to wipe inside out of the appliance with a moist cloth. Now the air frier is ready to use. You can take out the pan from the air frier and keep your favourite food in it for cooking. Once this is done, you can insert the pan into the air frier appliance and make the necessary adjustments. Once the cooking is done the timer will automatically switch off. If you are air frying meat or French Fries, you may have to stir the contents intermittently. There are several instances where people don't adhere to the guidelines for using the air frier.     

Shake up your Fitness Routine with Inline Skating


Lots of us find that our exercise routine becomes a chore. We become bored, lose interest and stop. It's no surprise, really. There's only so many times we can pump our arms aimlessly, or climb an endless staircase. It takes a lot more willpower to continue a fitness routine that we do not actively enjoy.

With tons of online learning resources and new, beginner's skaters it's never been easier to get into inline skating. It also happens to be great for burning fat. With inline skating you can burn 450 calories in 30 minutes- and have fun doing it! How long has it been since your exercise routine overran and you didn't notice because you were having too much fun?

Not only is inline skating a great aerobic exercise it's also kind on the joints! Many runners suffer from aches and pains and other joint problems but studies find that inline skating causes 50% less shock than running.

Inline skating isn't just great for burning fat! It's also good for building muscles. Studies find that inline skating is better for developing muscle than either running or cycling, working on hip and thigh muscles not used in either.

It's easy to pick up and the better you get the easier it'll be. A lot of skaters will kill two birds with one stone and take the dog for a walk. Even better, take the kids with you and you can get them plenty of exercise without them even knowing it!

Inline skating is that rare thing- a way to exercise that is so much fun you'll actually look forward to your next session.

And there's no reason to stop there. Those that crave excitement can turn to aggressive skating and start getting a real workout! Aggressive skating not only burns fat and builds muscle faster than most forms of inline skating but also builds confidence levels, is good for posture and, most importantly, is a hell of a lot of fun.

With a growing number of Roller Discos, Roller Derbys and other organised skating events in the UK there are plenty of opportunities for a rigorous workout for those looking for a more organised skate.

Inline and aggressive skating is really the holy grail of exercise- fun, healthy and affordable. So why not add inline skating to your fitness routine today?

Tim Aldiss writes for Locoskates – the UK’s number one shop for inline skates & roller boots.

Slipping Into Seasonal Scents


Halloween is finally here with us. This is one of the most fun holidays of the year; whether we are giving out treats to our friends and family or simply going around in fancy Halloween costumes. Novelty Halloween candles are some of the most fanciful candles around. These candles are figural candles including black cats, skulls, red devils and others and are extensively used in American folklore magic.

Below are some suggestions for some good Halloween candles you can buy to make this year’s Halloween a time to remember:

1. Pumpkin Candles

Pumpkin candles are used in Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations. They can also be used for Autumn Equinox. Pumpkin candles are infused with the irresistible aroma of fall pumpkins as well as naturally-inspired scents such as earthy oakwood, apple, resinous spice and some wood notes. Simple pumpkin candles should be displayed as part of a centrepiece together with other arrangements such as squash, nuts, autumn leaves and so on. Light your pumpkin candle when saying your table grace.

2. Jack-o-Lantern Candles

Jack-o-Lantern Halloween candles serve more or less the same purpose as their pumpkin counterparts. Jack-o-lanterns with a scary face are used in many cultures of the world in traditions that use grotesque faces to ward off evil spirits and danger. Smiley-faced jack-o-lanterns light the way for good spirits by giving them a cheery welcome. As you light your jack-o-lantern candle, you can make a wish to welcome all good energies into your home while dispersing the negative energies.

3. Black Cat Candles

Black cat Halloween candles are reminiscent of popular Egyptian cat figurines. Various spells use black cats. Americans are rooted in the superstition that black cats are a bad omen. Black cats, however, are symbols of good luck in Japan. In the Afro-Caribbean area, people keep black cats in their homes or wear black cat-shaped pins for good luck. You can, therefore, burn your black cat candle to reframe your mental attitudes regarding certain situations you view as being negative and make the most out of your bad situations. For instance, you can use the jovial Jamaican greeting of ‘‘Hello Shipmate’’ when lighting your black candle.

4. Ghost Candles

Ghost candles are almost invariably white, and tend to be kind-of-cute. Ghost candles are a fairly recent novelty compared to other Halloween candles. In Sumeria, however, ghost candles were prescribed by the Babylonians for a wide range of both physical and emotional maladies. These were burnt to remove evil spirits from a man and the candle later buried. You can light a ghost candle to release your ghosts of the past, unhealthy personal obsessions, troubling memories as you say something like ‘‘go into the light’’ or ‘‘all are welcome into the light’’ while visualising your ghost leaving and its place being replaced with higher energy.

Simple festive scents that bear the symbol of your favourite times of year will make your holiday a time to remember as you forget the past and look forward to new beginnings.

Tim Aldiss writes for Yankee Candle UK.

Can Kids Stay Safe as Well as Having Fun?


Remember when you were a kid and you could do anything you wanted? It always seemed that way. Do kids nowadays have less fun because the world we live in has changed? This article explores this idea to find the answers.

There was a time when kids used to play out in the streets virtually all the time. It seems as if things are very different now though. Modern technology means playing games is more likely to involve a games console instead of going out and playing games in the fresh air.

Some parents would say it is more dangerous outdoors now than it was when they were young. But is this really correct? Are we depriving our children of the fresh air and exercise they so badly need because the world seems like a different place now?

Times do change and most adults of any age would say things were different when they were kids. In a couple of decades from now, today’s children are likely to be saying the same thing. That’s why we have to be realistic and accept that times do change and our children’s lives are very different from the ones we lived. Many adults grew up when there was no such thing as mobile phones and only three television channels to watch. In a sense it would have been more dangerous to be out and about then. We couldn’t have phoned home for help without finding 10p to use a phone box (remember them?).

Of course some things do change for the better. Nowadays playground equipment is safer to use because it isn’t cemented into the ground. If you came off one of those old and very high slides (ones that don’t seem to exist at all anymore) you could easily take all the skin off your hands and knees in one fell swoop. Nowadays there are playground tiles in place that are made from rubber. While a fall might still hurt it certainly wouldn’t hurt in the same way it would have done years ago. Playground tiles are one big step in a better direction!

There is however the danger that we can wrap our kids in too much cotton wool. Trying to keep them safe is an understandable thing to do but we can go a little too far in this respect. According to many national statistics crime is no bigger a problem today than it was in the past. In fact many crimes have dropped, although of course this does not apply to them all. Teaching our kids how to cope in the outside world in various ways is something that is well worth doing if they are to cope as adults later on. This can mean anything from letting them play in playgrounds to teaching them how to ride a bike responsibly and safely.

We can do a lot to keep our kids safe. No one wants their child to be hurt in any way. But we need to assess how best to do this so we can achieve the best results that have their best interests at heart. Remember what you got up to as a kid and how it has shaped the person you are today. Could you help your child grow up in the same way?

Buying Gemstone Jewelry Online Is the Smart Move


Big e-shopping retailer is stuffing their shelf with exotic jewelry pieces crafted to excellence to entice clientele into purchasing them. You can easily purchase funky jewelry or pendants made of gold plus diamond or gemstone earrings online. In case you are quite intrigued by the newest e-shopping fashion, but are awed by the many misconceptions concerning the web purchasing then you should read the certain points to break the myths. Buying Jewelry Online Is the Smart Move.

Astounding diversity

If you visit any foremost e-retailer you will be dazzled with the astonishing diversity of adornment they have to present. Precise form funky jewelry to cocktail ring, pendants, gemstone earrings, and artificial jewelry, there is so many in the web catalogue nowadays. One thing is guaranteed, you may run out of time and cash; however you will by no means run out of option as the largest trends showcase their trendiest collection all beneath one roof! In case you require attending a wedding but do not have good gold jewelry to go with occasion then you can simply switch to the mass medium. Just browse throughout the variety, choose the one you like plus click buy! The product would be yours at a great deal discounted price within minutes!

Choosing what is perfect

Now you do not require to compromise on things that you do not like because of the limited choice in a brick and mortar shop. With virtually limitless variety earrings online, one could pick what's ideal for her. Be it that you purchase Diamonds pendants set and gemstone earrings online or else any exacting pieces of jewelry or trinkets, e-entrances would dependably support you to choose the best. Accessible product photos could be zoomed to perceive the detailing on the product. Furthermore, customer could read about the stuff used, kind of designing and all particulars about the desired things gemstone earrings online. This way, user could make a well-versed decision and purchase only what suits his necessities.

Safety concern

Since the beginning of the web purchase concept, safety has been the leading concern for populace all around. Dependability and safety of financial info, personal information has constantly been beneath the scanner. Though, with fast altering technologies plus introduction of sturdy SSL encryption, security is no more a large issue. Just make this a point to shop from websites of repute and read their T&C cautiously before buying. Visit www.newwavejewellery.com


The web advertiser has gotten the nerve of customers who do not feel great with making online payment. To eliminate probability of buyer dropout because of this, they have established Cash-on-delivery for their clientele. Like other product, some portals present COD for jewelry earrings online also! Another feather to cap being the EMI alternative wherein the user could pay the total quantity in easy installment, yet possess the product.

Three Steps to Achieve a Large Space for a Small Bedroom


In people’s daily life, sleep is one of the free activities which are not limited by the space. As long as a bed can be placed, no matter for large or small room, it could bring you into sweet dreams. But, for the dream bedrooms, you want them to be spacious, well decorated as well as agreeable. How to expand the space for small bedroom?  

First, create a tranquility atmosphere for bedroom. Bedroom is often occupied by the large volume furniture such as bed. Therefore, the less the furniture has, the cleaner the bedroom appears. Though most of our bedroom time is spent on sleeping, the short moments can affect your mood for the whole day. Thus, it is easy to bring you good mood in the cozy and tranquil environment rather than in chaos situation after waking up.


1. Avoid using the ceiling lights replaced by the bed beside lamp. And you may use the diffuse light source as well as the lights which can adjust the lightness. 
2. Soft material can create cozy and warm bedroom atmosphere such as carpet and door mat, which is helpful for create quiet bedroom environment.

3. If you are allergic about the lights, you may choose the curtain with fine shielding lighting effect.

4. Choose the color of the wall according to the direction the room faces. For the room faces the Yin side, you may choose warm tone color wallpaper to relieve the cold feeling for the room.

5. If possible, you may arrange the bathroom beside your bedroom so that they can form an integrated suit. It is convenient for your living. 

Second, how to set the sleep platform. Sleep platform is the most important part for the bedroom. As to small bedroom, if you want to increase its storage ability, the elevated bed with drawer and storage cabinet is a good choice for you. While, the hanging in space bed can fully take advantage of the lower space and set other functions such as writing desk. 


1. If you choose the traditional bed, you had better choose the one combining sleep function with storage function.

2. If you are considering one room for several functions, you may choose the fold sofa as soft mattress, which is convenient change.

3. If the height is suitable for the space, you may consider set bed in high space. But you have to do well the safety work. 

Third, storage space for the bedroom. Besides for sleep, there are other functions need the bedroom to bear. With the time goes by, the clothes are rising. Therefore, the clothes storage is the key for bedroom storage. 


1. Sort out the clothes by schedule to mitigate the storage pressure for bedroom. You may abandon the clothes which are useless or will not wear any more.

2. Choose the suitable wardrobe according to room size. And the customized wardrobe is a good choice. 

3. Set relevant part to store different categories such as hanging, flat putting.
If you want to learn more, you may visit www.melodyhome.com.

Busy, Busy, Busy


Exhausted, stressed and a feeling like you are unable to wind down and relax, it happens to more people than you would expect. 

Here are some helpful hints on how to help your body relax and take away the pressures of life.

Try not to eat too late and keep your last meal of the day small in portion size and filled with slow release carbohydrates foods will help your body wind down and life feel a little less pressured.


A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. This can include a daily vigorous workout or something a little less strenuous.

Your local gym can help find a suitable class to attend, for example Pilates which focuses on core posture and muscles that aims to keep the body balanced as well as teaching breathing and alignment of the spine would be a good choice of class to help our bodies relax.

If the cost of the classes are not viable for you right now then think about going for a walk with a family pet, or join a local running club with friends or family.

Social and gaming

Going out and having a good time with friends and family is alsobrilliant at helping relieve stress but it’s also a way of reminding yourself that you’re actually a fun person.

A few hours having drinks with friends is great fun but the more adventurous of you may want an extra thrill. For that look no further than visiting the casino, where you can have those drinks and increase the drinking fund with a profitable game of blackjack or roulette.

Alternatively just playing these games online is another way of winding down and at www.casinosagafans.com you can disappear into a whole other world of casino gaming.

Not only can you win money but travelling around the Casino Saga paradise is a fun way of forgetting life’s worries and having some fantastical fun at home.

Sleeping patterns

Making sure we have a good night sleep goes a long way to keepingour spirits positive and our motivation high. If sleep is an issue, the first thing that needs to be addressed is why sleeping is an issue.

Over the counter Nytol is a short-term solution, as well as benzodiazepines prescribed by our GP, referral to other services may be required is sleeping is a continuous issue in your life.

Sometimes all we need is escapism from reality, for some this may be android games, reading a book or watching TV, make sure you can give your self half an hour to allow your body to wind down and relax.

Strategies for Color Collocation in the Home Decorating


For the small apartment decorating, the wall color is very important. In principal, the small apartment had better avoid too much deep colors. As the deep color would absorb the light and the reflection light function is very weak. Therefore, for the not so wide room will appear narrower by the dark color. Therefore,most of the small apartments’ walls focus on white. Besides, light pink, yellow and blue often appears on people’s walls. But the witty remark says well that the rules is used to broken. If you want to show the individualism, you have to perfectly use the deep color. 

The deep color has the function of shrinking the eye sight. When there is a wall protruding out and narrowing the space. In this case, it is much better to brush it into the deep color than the white. When the living room is comparatively long, you might as well handle the furthest wall into the deep color. In this way, the living room seems more profound and meaningful. Though you should not neglect the effect of the deep color, it cannot be used too frequently. For normally saying, a 30㎡ living room (the separated  room is very rare, the big and open room is quite normal for small apartment decorating), 3/5 wall is in light color, 2/5 wall is in neutral color (the number is just an approximate) , and leaving some to create a third level by the deep color. in this way, the room will be easily distinguished the main and the second.

If you concentrate on the color, you will save a lot of money from the home decorating. Some people like to give the “Duozi or Baoyakou”, if you are good at brushing the deep color, the work of the “Duozi or Baoyakou” can be easily handled down by yourself. The effect is more fashionable. Therefore, melodyhome.com suggests you that you study the color disk carefully and keep the classic collocation of the same color scheme and the opposite color scheme in your mind. The wall color collocation would be a piece of cake.

 Here is a summary of the frequently used but not be noticed color collocation. 

1.    Do not use blue, purple, green and pink on a large scale. For a long time, you will feel depressed and agitated

2.    The white is the color which is hard to unify the colors. For the house using white as their background, the home colors would be disordered. What’s worse, the white is the color which stimulates the eyes most (strong light reflection). 

3.    One room should not contain more than three kind of colors, except for the white and black as well as gray. Using the color which first comes to your mind as the 70% of the room color and the second color as the 20% of the room color, you may use 10% of the third color. The three kinds of color can be the same color scheme or one opposite color scheme. It depends. 

4.    Gray, white and gold colors are the best color for adjustment. When the color of the room is too much and there has confliction in it, you can adjust it by the three kinds of color. For example, the red sofa and green wall appear at the same room, you might as well pick the white curtain. In this way, the room is unique and sentiment. 

5.    You should pick furniture and decide the furniture color first, then select the wall color. Normally, people follow the principle that light color wall, neutral color flooring and deep color furniture. 

If you are interested in it, you can read more on Melodyhome.com.

Using Glass Table Tops in Interior Design


When visitors come to your home, where do they gather? Chances are you answered the living room or dining room, which is why these areas of your home should be comfortable, flawlessly decorated, and ready to receive guests. Of course, the design process includes making the right choices when it comes to furniture.

In designing a dining room, selecting the right table is one of the most important decisions you will make. As one of the largest and most used pieces of furniture in your home, a dining table will set the tone for the rest of your decor. In your mother’s day, nearly everyone had massive, solid wood tables that were always dressed with a tablecloth when company came for dinner. Now, we have many more options, including glass tables, which are meant to be used uncovered, as they catch the light and add elegance to your dining room.