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Strategies for Color Collocation in the Home Decorating


For the small apartment decorating, the wall color is very important. In principal, the small apartment had better avoid too much deep colors. As the deep color would absorb the light and the reflection light function is very weak. Therefore, for the not so wide room will appear narrower by the dark color. Therefore,most of the small apartments’ walls focus on white. Besides, light pink, yellow and blue often appears on people’s walls. But the witty remark says well that the rules is used to broken. If you want to show the individualism, you have to perfectly use the deep color. 

The deep color has the function of shrinking the eye sight. When there is a wall protruding out and narrowing the space. In this case, it is much better to brush it into the deep color than the white. When the living room is comparatively long, you might as well handle the furthest wall into the deep color. In this way, the living room seems more profound and meaningful. Though you should not neglect the effect of the deep color, it cannot be used too frequently. For normally saying, a 30㎡ living room (the separated  room is very rare, the big and open room is quite normal for small apartment decorating), 3/5 wall is in light color, 2/5 wall is in neutral color (the number is just an approximate) , and leaving some to create a third level by the deep color. in this way, the room will be easily distinguished the main and the second.

If you concentrate on the color, you will save a lot of money from the home decorating. Some people like to give the “Duozi or Baoyakou”, if you are good at brushing the deep color, the work of the “Duozi or Baoyakou” can be easily handled down by yourself. The effect is more fashionable. Therefore, melodyhome.com suggests you that you study the color disk carefully and keep the classic collocation of the same color scheme and the opposite color scheme in your mind. The wall color collocation would be a piece of cake.

 Here is a summary of the frequently used but not be noticed color collocation. 

1.    Do not use blue, purple, green and pink on a large scale. For a long time, you will feel depressed and agitated

2.    The white is the color which is hard to unify the colors. For the house using white as their background, the home colors would be disordered. What’s worse, the white is the color which stimulates the eyes most (strong light reflection). 

3.    One room should not contain more than three kind of colors, except for the white and black as well as gray. Using the color which first comes to your mind as the 70% of the room color and the second color as the 20% of the room color, you may use 10% of the third color. The three kinds of color can be the same color scheme or one opposite color scheme. It depends. 

4.    Gray, white and gold colors are the best color for adjustment. When the color of the room is too much and there has confliction in it, you can adjust it by the three kinds of color. For example, the red sofa and green wall appear at the same room, you might as well pick the white curtain. In this way, the room is unique and sentiment. 

5.    You should pick furniture and decide the furniture color first, then select the wall color. Normally, people follow the principle that light color wall, neutral color flooring and deep color furniture. 

If you are interested in it, you can read more on Melodyhome.com.

Using Glass Table Tops in Interior Design


When visitors come to your home, where do they gather? Chances are you answered the living room or dining room, which is why these areas of your home should be comfortable, flawlessly decorated, and ready to receive guests. Of course, the design process includes making the right choices when it comes to furniture.

In designing a dining room, selecting the right table is one of the most important decisions you will make. As one of the largest and most used pieces of furniture in your home, a dining table will set the tone for the rest of your decor. In your mother’s day, nearly everyone had massive, solid wood tables that were always dressed with a tablecloth when company came for dinner. Now, we have many more options, including glass tables, which are meant to be used uncovered, as they catch the light and add elegance to your dining room.