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How To Style Flat Shoes


During the summer season, few types of footwear are more comfortable on a woman's feet than a pair of flat shoes. There may be a certain amount of opposition to this idea, especially from women who believe that they are not sexy and too frumpy for daily wear. However, flat shoes can still project an aura of elegance and class when they are styled properly! What's more, they can be far less expensive than other shoes, especially if bought with promo codes and coupons from such websites as Discountrue.com. Read on for more helpful tips:

Purchase The Correct Size

Did you know that your feet will increase in size as the years pass? A common mistake women make is assuming that their feet are the same as they were in high school. However, in many instances you will go up a size as you age, so shop accordingly. 

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to flat shoes, you must resist the urge to collect as many pairs as possible and focus on selecting shoes that are constructed from top notch materials. You'll be wearing them much more often than heels, so make sure you select high quality leather as often as possible.

Invest In Comfort

Before purchasing a pair of flat shoes, try them on and ask yourself the all important question: can I walk in these comfortably? While style is certainly important, it should never take a backseat to a woman's comfort.

Balance Your Outfits

A good rule of thumb? Balance your outfits by choosing the right style of flats. If your ensemble is more low key and understated, a more stylish pair of shoes serves as a proper complement. When you are already dressed hip and trendy, a less overtly flamboyant pair will work best. 

Contrasting Colors 

Resist the urge to match up every color perfectly and use contrasting colors to give yourself a more unique look. As long as the tone you choose matches the rest of the outfit's motif, it's easy to do. Black and white are easy to match with any color scheme, especially yellows, blues and greens. 

Ankle Straps

Shorter women, beware of the ankle strap! While taller women can definitely rock this look, ankle straps will only end up making a more diminutive woman's legs appear to be even shorter. Be sure to bear this in mind when styling your flat shoes. 

Seek Padding

As we grow older, we tend to lose a lot of the natural padding in our feet. To compensate for this inevitable loss, purchase flat shoes that provide the padding your feet require. For those who are in need of additional, a plethora of choices are available. Foot Petals inserts, shoes that come with inbuilt cushioning and orthotics that are custom made by a podiatrist are also viable options.

Practical Financial Advice


It’s the 15th of the month and you’re once again excited as you will be receiving your next paycheck. You make a list of things to be bought, bills to be paid, and probably plan your next weekend getaway. After all priorities have been dealt with, you go back to how things were before the 15th or the 30th of the month—broke. To some, it’s a cycle of earning, spending, and losing money. Sometimes, you feel that you’re stuck in that cycle, and it gets a little bit frustrating especially if you begin to realize that your needs are growing that your current salary can no longer meet them. 

In the Philippines, resorting to financial loans has become a quick solution for wage earners to meet their growing personal needs and demands. Loans in the Philippines range from small quick cash loans to large housing loans. People avail such loans and are expected to pay the amount with a certain interest after a specific number of months. This bridges the Filipino’s lack of financial resources and their growing needs.  However, Loans in the Philippines can also become a burden especially if payments do not meet the agreed deadline, resulting to a certain increase in the interest. A worst case scenario would be the giving of monthly payment to pay for the growing interest instead of the actual amount of money being borrowed. This explains why some Filipinos are literally swimming in debt.

Being free from debt and making the most of your financial resources is a matter of personal discipline. In order to achieve these, here are simple ways on how to manage your finances:

1. Evaluate your Needs and Wants.
You can easily determine the things than you need and the things that you need out of desire. By prioritizing your needs over your wants, you can actually determine where your money is supposed to go. This way you don’t see your money going elsewhere other than the things that you actually need.

2. Know the Simple Formula of Salary Minus Savings Equals Expenditure.
Filipinos usually determine the amount that they want to set aside after all expenses have been made. However, this gives people a reason to spend more on their needs and set aside less for savings. But, if the amount to be set aside is determined before the amount to be spent is decided, people learn to value and prioritize savings. Moreover, this helps people prioritize their needs rather than useless wants.

3. Turn Loans into Assets
As what was mentioned, Loans in the Philippines bridge the people’s lack of financial resources and their growing needs. Loans extend the people’s purchasing power in order to purchase goods and/or services that they cannot have with their regular salary. However, availing loans does not necessarily mean spending it with personal wants and needs.  If managed well, loans can become an asset or even a fortune! Instead of buying that new car, you can actually invest that money into any business venture that you have in mind. Study the needs of your community and you can have an idea on what kind of business to start. This way, you are not only working to pay for your loan someday but you are working toward financial stability.

Money can be blessing or a burden to anyone. Manage it well, and it can always be friend to you. 

Kath Martinez, understands the intrinsic attributes of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business especially when it comes online financing. She can conceptualize and implement marketing plans, explores profitable B2B opportunities and then absorb Loan Solutions PH services.

Write and Earn - Increase your Chances


If you are a writer, or if you are considering becoming one, you probably never read the first paragraphs of online articles. You know that all the good stuff is down below, and you are just looking for the right keywords here, so let’s get to the point and start addressing your main concerns, by providing a short summary of what you can read about here:

Start writing for real money, and learn how to build a respectful career. Truly.

Demand and Supply 

The harsh reality is: members of the audience are the writers today. With so many chances to post online and to get your voice out there, before you even form one, everybody believes that their opinion should matter. Too many of us are hoping to succeed and write scripts for Hollywood stars in the future, when we are not too busy spending money from those Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes, of course. You have to understand that this is a business, same as every other, and while the majority writes snotty comments and memoirs of their ego’s daily accomplishments, you need to look for opportunities.

Thorough research is your key to higher profit. Find a field that you are comfortable with, subscribe to the leading websites and news, and don’t think what is it that you can do squeeze out today – think what you can do to earn big tomorrow. If you want to be a business blogger, get yourself involved, start researching stocks and business models. If you want to write artsy articles, start visiting exhibits and talk with relevant experts. Find what it is that people will want to hear in the future, offer something new, but remember - you can’t find something genuinely new and unseen before. The key is proper combination of the already proved to be popular fields. We will elaborate further on that one in our next section. 

Self Publishing

The first thing you have to do is to forget your ego. Lock it up somewhere and make him wait for that Nobel or Pulitzer Prize. This doesn’t mean that your self-esteem has to be endangered, always respect yourself and your work, but relating to audience will require from you to abandon your personal opinion very often. This is natural, build your way up to that point when someone asks you for your opinion, and that might take some time.

When you are looking for that target audience, remember what we said, find a unique group of people by combining the fields. Don’t write just as business blogger, or just as an art critic, combine those two and find audience in Business of Arts, and narrow that field to something a certain crowd can relate to. By doing so, you are chasing quality, not volume, and quality provides a profit. Forget about 1, 000, 000 followers, go for those 1, 000 and at 5, 000 and profit will start increasing really fast.

After you’ve found that unique group of people that are willing to read what you have to say, learn how to make a blog, or even better, pay someone to make it really look good. Branding is your friend, so think hard about your domain name and visual appearance.  Once your blog is up, commit to it. Post weekly, promote it through social media, make stickers and cards if you can and hand them out. Always draw attention.

Education as a part of the job

Learning is earning. Always stay relevant and always keep yourself up to date. Organize your time in a way that will provide you a few free hours daily, which you will use to improve your skills and knowledge of the matter.

Since we’ve already mentioned this field, find useful business writing courses and literally invest time and money in your profit, because that is the only guaranteed way to successes. Some writers will tell you that it is all in talent and skills, they might even laugh at you, but you will be the one laughing all the way to the bank. By enrolling a course, your time management and sense of responsibility will arrange almost by themselves. Ideally, you should make enough money to always improve your set of skills and techniques. Don’t forget how everything is transparent today, and in the following decade things are simply going to become more accessible than we can imagine. When people visit your professional profile, LinkedIn, or whatever, you will simply need that list of certifications and accomplishments, and it needs to be rich, industrious and always available.


As a writer, you’ve certainly learned already to question and research every infographic you’ve come across in your research work. However, this is one useful infographic that will help your pricing decisions if you are on the very beginning of your career. If you are not, and clients are messaging you by the hour, start increasing prices. The simple way to do it is to keep your old clients happy and keep them coming by working for the same price, and charge more to new ones. By the system of rotation, you will constantly have happy and returning customers, with profit constantly increasing.

For our goodbyes, I will ask you one question. Have you ever seen a business writer complaining about his, or her, money? No, because they are aware that this is business and that you need to stay diligent if you want to make a profit. Well, that, plus their field is very industrious. Sharpen those pencils, clean out your desk and desktops and start fresh every day.

Hormones That Affect Your Skin After Your 30's


When you hit your 30s and beyond, you might think that you’re free of hormone-related skin issues, such as annoying breakouts that saddled you in your teens, but you’re not. Although hormones are vital to regulate the body’s cells, when their levels increase or decrease they can have various consequences on your skin. Keep them under control so your skin regains its clarity and beauty.

Stop Seeing Spots

Are you feeling like a teen again because of nasty breakouts you assumed you left behind in adolescence along with bad memories of prom? You’re not alone. Up to a third of women experience adult acne after the age of 30. This is because your estrogen hormone levels start to decrease faster than testosterone. The testosterone left behind makes your body increase its oil production, leading to clogged pores and breakouts.

Keep your hormones at a healthy level naturally, such as with a nutritious diet and gentle exercise to restore the body’s balance. For clearer skin, you need acne treatments that are gentle on your skin while getting rid of pimples and balancing your skin’s oil production. Cleanse your face religiously twice a day and avoid products containing alcohol which stimulates oil production and irritates the skin.

Hydrate Dry Skin

Your skin experiences a slight drop in estrogen after ovulation. But up to your mid-30s, this isn’t a problem as your skin is resilient, replenishing itself when estrogen increases during your next cycle. From your mid-30s, however, that starts to change. Your skin can lose firmness and hydration because your estrogen levels decrease generally. So, your skin needs some help!

Since estrogen increases
hyaluronic acid, a chemical found naturally in the body that maintains its moisture, when it starts to decrease you need to bring hyaluronic acid to your skin in other ways, such as in the products you use. Choose a hyaluronic acid serum or moisturizer to bid dryness farewell. 

                                        Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Make Collagen Your Skin’s Best Friend

Your body loses collagen as you age - again, thanks to sneaky estrogen! - which results in sagging and/or wrinkled skin, so you need to replenish it with diet and skincare products. The sooner you start the better as your body loses 1 percent of collagen every year from the age of 30!

Foods containing omega-3s, such as salmon and tuna, strengthen the skin’s cells, which in turn makes your skin’s collagen structures firmer. Vitamin-A rich produce is also important as it repairs damaged collagen. How to spot it? Look for orange vegetables! Regarding your skincare, use products containing Vitamin C. This antioxidant neutralizes the enzymes that disintegrate collagen but it also fights free radicals that weaken the skin.

Bust the Blotchiness

Getting uneven skin in the form of pigmentation is common after 40 but can occur earlier. This is caused by the estrogen and progesterone hormones that boost melanin due to sun exposure. You need to protect your skin against the sun with sunscreen as well as treat unevenness with skin brightening methods. These include diet tips and skin products.

      Diet Tips

Brown patches on the skin, otherwise known as melasma, can crop up before or after pregnancy (melasma is commonly referred to as ‘the mask of pregnancy’). It can also signal a nutrient deficiency, however. Whether or not you’re not crossing the threshold into motherhood, make sure you eat folate, a B-vitamin found in nuts, leafy green vegetables and whole grains, as well as Vitamins C and E. These repair sun damage, a common culprit of pigmentation.

      Skincare Products

Skin lightening products can even out your skin tone and eradicate melasma but avoid harsh ingredients such as hydroquinone, a potential carcinogenic. Look for ingredients such as Vitamins C and E that not only brighten but also nourish skin. Exfoliating ingredients, such as glycolic acid, are also a good choice in skin lightening lotions. Commonly found in chemical peels, these help to slough away dead skin cells on the surface layer of skin where pigmentation accumulates.

                                          Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Calm Your Sensitive Skin

Speaking of sensitive skin, as you get older and hit the fabulous 50s and 60s, estrogen suffers a major decrease in the body due to menopause. This can lead to not-so fabulous results, such as more pronounced wrinkles and inflammation.

Anti-aging products are a must to apply to your skin daily but opt for natural and calming ingredients, such as chamomile and green tea. You also should be eating lots of nutritious foods and healthy fats, such as avocados and almonds, which lubricate your skin from the inside, making it supple.

Rosacea, a flushing of the skin that is often diagnosed during menopause, is caused by inflammation so be gentle on your skin. Stay out of the sun and avoid common food triggers, such as spicy foods and alcohol. Your doctor can also prescribe topical creams to minimize your redness.

Hormones can affect your skin but you don’t have to be stuck with the symptoms! By regulating your diet and skincare routines, you’ll rise above your skin problems and enjoy a beautiful, youthful complexion.

Creating a High-Tech Home Gym


By Tim Smith

"Back when I was your age," croaked Grandpa, "I didn't work out! I baled hay in the summer, shoveled snow in the winter and milked three Holsteins every morning."

But that was then. This is now – and now, people exercise using gyroscopic dumbbells, biometric compression shirts and the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill, all of which make you feel like Neil Armstrong on the moon.

If you want your own high-tech home gym, we've got some ideas.

The first one is born of practicality. Put in a ceiling fan. If your room is 100-300 square feet, use a ceiling fan with a 52-inch span. If smaller, use a 36- to 42-inch fan. It will reduce mildew growth and eliminate complaints from your significant other about your, um, pungent aroma.

                                                     Via Jims Gyms
Do you, as an athlete, shoot for the stars? Then take a peek at your feet. Upon your new floor will be dropped 45-pound Olympic rubberized cast weights and spilled bottles of dubious Muscle Milk concoctions. Sweat will drizzle upon it like rain. Do you want carpet? No. You want tongue-in-groove northern hard maple boards atop three layers of plywood, rubber and substrate. It's the crème de la crème.
                                       Via Great Falls Distinctive Interiors, Inc.
If you don't plan on dropping barbells, or if you're transforming a second-story bedroom into an exercise room, then save yourself a few thousand dollars by choosing interlocking foam rubber tiles made from recycled rubber tire crumb.
You'll also need a place to stash your towels, handgrips, stress balls, dip belts, medicine balls, kettle weights and so forth. Why not install a vanity?

                                                      Via Jims Gyms
Speaking of vanity, what about floor-to-ceiling mirrors?

                                           Via Rubber Flooring Inc.com

Traditional polished gym mirrors are about 1/4-inch thick and require two people to carry and three people to pay. Most heavy-duty mirrors are shatterproof, mounted on safety backing. An inexpensive DIY alternative is to mix and match frameless vanity and closet mirrors, but be aware: Any cheap, flexible mirror is not glass and will likely form a convex curve once mounted.
But let's be honest: The heart of a gym is not its treadmills nor its yoga mats. The heart is its television, preferably a 65-inch high-definition flat-screen television.

                                                       Via Jims Gyms

And, of course, what gym is complete without a human hamster wheel?

                                 Via Spear Education (Creative Commons License)

Now that's high-tech.
For more design ideas and inspiration, head to Modernize.com.

Bring The Spa To You With These 6 Fool-Proof DIY Pampering Tips


Image from Pixabay.com

1. Use a Steamy Shower to Open Pores

Mimic salon-quality facial steamers with the powers of a hot shower. This is the perfect time to chemically exfoliate--Lactic-acid is a great option--and slap on a DIY mask. It’s also the perfect moment to perform and blackhead removal or pop any nasty zits. In order to do so safely, invest in a stainless steel, dual ended extractor tool. Remember, it’s best just to leave it alone. However, if you must pick, do so safely.

2.  Make a Pantry-Inspired Facial

Many common kitchen items are perfect for making your own mask. Mix in healthy ingredients like ground oats, yogurt, and honey. Avocado also makes a great hair mask! Egg whites are great for oily skin and hair. Just be sure the eggs are fresh and organic.

3. Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Mix strawberries and baking soda for an all-natural whitening treatment. Or, if you want a daily approx, swish with hydrogen peroxide in lieu of white strips. You can actually makeyour own toothpaste by combining baking soda, a dash of fine sea salt, and peppermint extract.  

4. Have a Pampering Party

Bad at doing your own nails? Want someone to wear masks with? Consider inviting a close friend over for relaxation, pajamas, and wine. Touch up your roots and deep condition your hair to get gorgeous locks. Treat yourself to some healthy, beauty eats like quinoa with blueberries or a green smoothie, and watch your favorite flick!

In order to get long-lasting, chip-free nail color, consider doing your own gel nails at home. Sally Hansen and other drugstore lines allow you to apply gel nails in the privacy of your own home. Save time and money, and get long-lasting color!

5. Purge Your Medicine Cabinet for a Streamlined Routine

Take this opportunity to ditch cosmetics that have expired and experiment with unused items, aka that new Korean skincare buy you just HAD to have! There are tons of hacks for streamlining your morning routine. Use mason jars to store makeup brushes, and use a multi-tiered cake display to showcase products with pretty packaging.

6. DIY a Luxurious Bath

Make your own lavender infused bath salts:

     Mix epsom salts with lavender extract and blue and red food coloring.
     Add dried lavender flowers. (These can be found at most health-food stores)
     In a large bowl, mix the ingredients together and add a quarter cup coconut oil.
     Take a hot, infused bath! Put a quarter cup directly into your bath water. (You might have to rinse out the dried lavender petals at the end.)
     Feel absolutely marvelous!

Remember, some things ARE better off left for the professionals.

These include facials that involve lasers or intense peels, hair removal like waxing (too messy at home) a great haircut, and deep-tissue. Save by DIYing the easy things, so you can save up for the good stuff!

Have any at-home spa tips? Leave them in the comments section below. Happy pampering.

Most Wonderful Ways How Pets Influence Children


No matter how many times you say it, your children will never stop asking for a puppy, kitten, or a tortoise. Of course, you want to make your little ones happy, and it kills you to see them shed tears after you say ‘no’ to a new family member, because you know that ultimately, you will be the one taking care of it. However, if you stand your ground, and explain the rules and obligations of owning a pet, one of these little guys might even benefit your child’s development.
How to be Responsible

Once you get a pet, no matter what animal you choose, it will most certainly need to be fed, and sometimes, the responsibilities will involve bathing, walking, and a lot of cleaning after it. Your kids will assure you that they will be the ones who will do all that, but you know for sure that that determination will not last for long. But you as a parent should not let that happen. In the beginning, you will have to monitor them and what they are doing with their pets, and later on they will develop a sense for obligation and duty towards another being.

 Image source Pixabay.com

Physical Influence

If you get a dog for your child, and he or she is old enough to take him out, you should definitely assign him with this duty. Not only is it good for children to become more outgoing, but also more active, as they will play a lot with their little puppy. Sometimes, people think that they should not get a dog or a cat for their kid as they might transfer some diseases, but on the contrary, science has proven that presence of a pet in an early childhood eliminates the possibility of your kid developing allergies. But the most important thing to remember that in order to keep a child healthy, you need to keep your pet healthy too with proper nutrition, by cleaning and washing them regularly, and by getting appropriate shampoos and worming tablets that will help you get rid of annoying parasites that have been bothering your much-loved animal.

Emotional Cure

There are also studies that have shown that people who own pets are less likely to sufferfrom depression, and consequently they have lower blood pressure as they are calmer and generally more relaxed. This is all because of animal’s kind nature, and the effect it has on your child. If they own a pet, they will always have someone to play with and talk to, as they proved to be such good listeners. By playing with their pets they learn not only how to entertain them, but also other people, and this way they slowly develop their social skills. Finally, and sadly what might happen is that their little friend dies, what might make your child really sad. That is why you should think about first getting them a fish, as they do not have such long life spam, and teach your children a valuable lesson about life, preparing them for some tougher moments that are to come.

So open up your mind to the idea of owning a pet. A dog, a cat, a fish, a tortoise, or a guinea pig, each and every one of them is not only going to be your child’s new best friend, but it will also have a major influence on their development, and overall well-being.

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