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Bring The Spa To You With These 6 Fool-Proof DIY Pampering Tips


Image from Pixabay.com

1. Use a Steamy Shower to Open Pores

Mimic salon-quality facial steamers with the powers of a hot shower. This is the perfect time to chemically exfoliate--Lactic-acid is a great option--and slap on a DIY mask. It’s also the perfect moment to perform and blackhead removal or pop any nasty zits. In order to do so safely, invest in a stainless steel, dual ended extractor tool. Remember, it’s best just to leave it alone. However, if you must pick, do so safely.

2.  Make a Pantry-Inspired Facial

Many common kitchen items are perfect for making your own mask. Mix in healthy ingredients like ground oats, yogurt, and honey. Avocado also makes a great hair mask! Egg whites are great for oily skin and hair. Just be sure the eggs are fresh and organic.

3. Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Mix strawberries and baking soda for an all-natural whitening treatment. Or, if you want a daily approx, swish with hydrogen peroxide in lieu of white strips. You can actually makeyour own toothpaste by combining baking soda, a dash of fine sea salt, and peppermint extract.  

4. Have a Pampering Party

Bad at doing your own nails? Want someone to wear masks with? Consider inviting a close friend over for relaxation, pajamas, and wine. Touch up your roots and deep condition your hair to get gorgeous locks. Treat yourself to some healthy, beauty eats like quinoa with blueberries or a green smoothie, and watch your favorite flick!

In order to get long-lasting, chip-free nail color, consider doing your own gel nails at home. Sally Hansen and other drugstore lines allow you to apply gel nails in the privacy of your own home. Save time and money, and get long-lasting color!

5. Purge Your Medicine Cabinet for a Streamlined Routine

Take this opportunity to ditch cosmetics that have expired and experiment with unused items, aka that new Korean skincare buy you just HAD to have! There are tons of hacks for streamlining your morning routine. Use mason jars to store makeup brushes, and use a multi-tiered cake display to showcase products with pretty packaging.

6. DIY a Luxurious Bath

Make your own lavender infused bath salts:

     Mix epsom salts with lavender extract and blue and red food coloring.
     Add dried lavender flowers. (These can be found at most health-food stores)
     In a large bowl, mix the ingredients together and add a quarter cup coconut oil.
     Take a hot, infused bath! Put a quarter cup directly into your bath water. (You might have to rinse out the dried lavender petals at the end.)
     Feel absolutely marvelous!

Remember, some things ARE better off left for the professionals.

These include facials that involve lasers or intense peels, hair removal like waxing (too messy at home) a great haircut, and deep-tissue. Save by DIYing the easy things, so you can save up for the good stuff!

Have any at-home spa tips? Leave them in the comments section below. Happy pampering.

Most Wonderful Ways How Pets Influence Children


No matter how many times you say it, your children will never stop asking for a puppy, kitten, or a tortoise. Of course, you want to make your little ones happy, and it kills you to see them shed tears after you say ‘no’ to a new family member, because you know that ultimately, you will be the one taking care of it. However, if you stand your ground, and explain the rules and obligations of owning a pet, one of these little guys might even benefit your child’s development.
How to be Responsible

Once you get a pet, no matter what animal you choose, it will most certainly need to be fed, and sometimes, the responsibilities will involve bathing, walking, and a lot of cleaning after it. Your kids will assure you that they will be the ones who will do all that, but you know for sure that that determination will not last for long. But you as a parent should not let that happen. In the beginning, you will have to monitor them and what they are doing with their pets, and later on they will develop a sense for obligation and duty towards another being.

 Image source Pixabay.com

Physical Influence

If you get a dog for your child, and he or she is old enough to take him out, you should definitely assign him with this duty. Not only is it good for children to become more outgoing, but also more active, as they will play a lot with their little puppy. Sometimes, people think that they should not get a dog or a cat for their kid as they might transfer some diseases, but on the contrary, science has proven that presence of a pet in an early childhood eliminates the possibility of your kid developing allergies. But the most important thing to remember that in order to keep a child healthy, you need to keep your pet healthy too with proper nutrition, by cleaning and washing them regularly, and by getting appropriate shampoos and worming tablets that will help you get rid of annoying parasites that have been bothering your much-loved animal.

Emotional Cure

There are also studies that have shown that people who own pets are less likely to sufferfrom depression, and consequently they have lower blood pressure as they are calmer and generally more relaxed. This is all because of animal’s kind nature, and the effect it has on your child. If they own a pet, they will always have someone to play with and talk to, as they proved to be such good listeners. By playing with their pets they learn not only how to entertain them, but also other people, and this way they slowly develop their social skills. Finally, and sadly what might happen is that their little friend dies, what might make your child really sad. That is why you should think about first getting them a fish, as they do not have such long life spam, and teach your children a valuable lesson about life, preparing them for some tougher moments that are to come.

So open up your mind to the idea of owning a pet. A dog, a cat, a fish, a tortoise, or a guinea pig, each and every one of them is not only going to be your child’s new best friend, but it will also have a major influence on their development, and overall well-being.

Toolboxes for Your Storage Needs


Unique Designs and Affordable Prices
When you're looking for your selections in toolboxes, you will find a wide range of alternatives. It is ideal that you choose a collection that is durable and that can accommodate all of your tools for storage. Even if you need a large toolbox, you can still find a price that can fit your budget. Rest assured that you will also get a quality design with your selections in toolboxes.

 Combination Toolboxes Make a Difference
You may find it necessary to invest in a toolbox where you can store all of your tools. Moreover, you will find an added convenience in alternatives like combination toolboxes. These toolboxes can include the chest and cabinet combination design. The stack-on designs are options that you can consider, which can come in six drawers. You will also be able to roll the cabinet with the wheels at the bottom.
Other Selections for Your Tools
When you're browsing for your toolboxes, you can search by category as well. Aside from combination sets, you also have other alternatives that can suit your storage needs. Portable toolboxes are just some of the selections that can work for any worker who is always on the move, such as a plumber or carpenter. Roller cabinets are other collections that can come in handy. These roller cabinets are excellent options for mechanics. Although these roller cabinets are large, they can be moved easily around the garage. Top chests and tool carts are two other ideal storage alternatives that will also come at low, affordable prices.
A Convenient Shopping Experience
In order to optimize your shopping experience, you can also shop by prices. By doing this, you are able to find a toolbox that matches your budget. You can also find toolboxes that may come with free shipping. Simply by inputting the brand and style of the toolbox in the search bar, you will be able to find any particular toolbox much faster than browsing the categories. If you have questions about any toolbox collection or your order, you can contact the company by phone.

The Best Days Are Yet to Come


Your future depends on your safety. After you turn 55, there is a whole new world of possibilities to explore. You can finally prepare to retire; book that flight to Europe that you’ve always wanted to do, but never did; become a grandparent for the first time; do those home renovations you’ve put off for years…the sky is the limit. But, before you can enjoy all life has to offer in this hopefully less stressful period in your life, you have to ensure your own safety.

Like most things, safety begins at home. Whether it’s protecting your home and loved ones from potential break-ins or you’ve injured yourself and no one is around, ADT Advanced Direct Security can help in an instant. ADT is the number one security provider in the country. When there is a home burglary every 14.6 seconds—home security is nothing short of being essential.

Each year that passes (past our prime), the more susceptible we are to falls that lead to broken bones. Keep yourself in tip-top physical shape so that you can enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer. Find out more about our medical alert system with fall detection— it’s the perfect resource for anyone wanting to ensure their safety and mobility.  What do you envision for your life, after you turn 55? 


A different way to create a budget


Well, most of us are familiar with couponing and getting deals & freebies that can help us save on most things we buy online. This doesn't mean hours and hours of detective-like work since there are services devoted entirely to helping you find the beast deals and latest coupon codes. For example, instead of searching for the best deals on the manufacture's or store's websites, you can find at Discountrue within minutes. Still, we usually end up spending extravagantly on our household monthly expenses. So the best way I found to help you save money is to present you with this ‘simple yet extraordinary’ way to plan your budget and I sincerely hope that you stick to it to save those extra dollars.  

The idea of planning a budget may not sound fun, but let me tell you, the benefits it will let you reap will surely add to your happiness in the long run.  

STEP 1: Create a budget as soon as you can and make it as simple as possible. Keep on modifying it for six months to a whole year to meet the unexpected needs.  

STEP 2: Make sure you plan for these:
Mortgage, insurance, utilities, phone & Internet bills, TV, food, travel expenses, household expenses, and your daily allowances.

STEP 3: Divide your expenses into two categories – fixed expenses and variable expenses. The former would include the recurring fixed amounts that you are liable to pay every month, such as your mortgage, any loans or car payments. The latter includes the expenses that vary every month. You can set aside certain amount of money according to the special events like birthdays or festivals that may come in a specific month.

STEP 4: An emergency fund is important too. You never know when you may be required to spend extra on medical or accidental conditions. So better set aside some money for medical, vet and car repair bills as well. 

STEP 5: Maintain a grocery budget! Plan your recipes for the month in advance and shop according to that.  Don’t get fooled by marketing and selling techniques and end up buying what you didn’t plan to. Always try as far as possible, to buy the items in your grocery list at best deal prices. 

While practicing the budget, you’ll soon be able to analyze your shopping trends and you’ll start to learn how to get the most out of your shopping trips without spending excessive money. So good luck planning your budge. For more inspiration, just check out Discountrue I mentioned above. Always remember that the time spent creating a budget guarantees more savings, and therefore it is absolutely worth it. 

PS. It is important to plan a budget, but what’s more important is to follow it religiously!

Choose The Right Baby Bedding For Creating Perfect & Comfortable Environment For You & Your Baby


When you are a parent, you always want what is best for your child. From clothes to bottles and even baby equipment, you want to make sure that you give your baby only the best. This includes baby beddings.

Before you buy the cutest baby beddings available in the market, here are some things you should know about it, plus tips on how to make baby beddings work for you.

What is baby bedding?

When you hear the term, “baby bedding,” what usually comes to your mind? A colorful sheet to cover the mattress? Something made out of pure cotton? A type of casing that comes with cure designs? 

The truth is baby bedding is a collection of material casing to cover a newborn baby. It comes with the following –

·         Fitted sheet.
·         Bumper pads, or a soft padding material that covers the entire crib where the head of the baby would be. However, anti-SIDS advocates don’t recommend the use of such because it can be hazardous for the baby.
·         A fleece blanket or a soft covering blanket to keep your baby warm.
·         Small hotdog pillows.

The different types of baby beddings for you to choose

Did you know that there are different types of beddings for each kind of furniture? This includes –

·         Crib bedding –This is the ideal bed from childbirth to toddler years. Standard cribs are the most common among parents. However, you can also go for portable cribs, which are ideal for travelling, or convertible cribs, which you can turn into toddler bed.
·         Bassinet bedding –This is suitable for newborns up to three or four months where the baby cannot crawl or stand on its own. It should be made of soft material that blends perfectly with the nursery.
·         Cradle bedding –Cradles are cribs that have rocking motions, which helps the baby fall asleep. When it comes to cradle bedding, light colored cradles are advisable.
·         Baby blankets –Aside from beddings, baby blankets will also be useful to keep the baby warm. It should be made of soft, non-toxic material with attractive and eye-pleasing colors.

Tips on creating a comfortable and perfect environment for you and your baby

When it comes to nursery bedding, it is important to choose something that guarantees your baby’s safety and comfort. So, how do you create a comfortable environment with the help of a baby bedding? Here’s how.

·         Go for neutral colors and designs. Your baby is still too small to understand gender-specific designs. S/he prefers a design and color that is attractive and pleasing to the eyes and at the same time, helps with color and pattern recognition.
·         Choose the material wisely. Beddings are made of various materials such as polyester or flannel cotton. When it comes to your baby, always make sure to go for 100 percent cotton material. It is most suitable since it is absorbent and cool on your baby’s skin. 
·         Baby bedding must fit the chosen equipment. Your bedding depends on the type of equipment you chose for your baby. If you bought a bassinet, then buy beddings exclusively made for bassinets. Cribs should have crib beddings too to ensure proper fit.
·         Stay away from infant cushions, especially those with soft fabric covering or loosely filled cushion with plastic and pellets. This can contribute to suffocation.

At the end of the day, make sure that your baby beddings meet the sleeping equipment and requirement to avoid any accidents and unfortunate incidents. Your baby’s safety is and should always be on top of your priority list.

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