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How to get the perfect functional and fun children’s bedroom


Many designers have thought of original and beautiful concepts to design furniture or accessories that can transform a boring and messy children’s bedroom into an organized, colorful and functional space. Finding children’s bedroom furniture can be the fun parts of creating a new atmosphere to keep your kids entertained as their imagination run wild.

Here is a cool staircase of two bi-colors tube made and created by a Japanese company that you can fix on your children’s bedroom to access their beds or a mezzanine. It is particularly practical for houses that got high ceilings.It adds a lot of color and an urban style to their play-area.

It exists many beds for example with fun themes bed to both play and make sweet dreams. There is a long list of creative bed styles shaped into boats, castles, and cars as the Bat mobile bed or the cute Cinderella Carriage. The big plus of those beds is the fact that your children will be more excited about the idea of getting into their beds. No more caprice or tears!

Another great idea but that could required a bigger budget could be to decorate the entire bedroom along a theme. Here is an example of a pirate bedroom! It can be a long work of search and shopping to get the right furniture at the right measurement but the result is so cute and creative! So packed all the theme bedrooms and theme decorations to help you imagine the perfect original environment for your kids.

Amazing furniture like these adorable animal metal chairs made by the Israeli designer EladOzeri, could be a perfect match to add in your kids’ bedroom. Along with a little desk, it is a nice spot for them to draw or read.

I hope this article help you to get a better idea on how you could create a personalized, colorful, original and fun space for your little ones!

Baby Monitors - The Best Source for Parents to Watch over Their Child’s Activity!


The feeling of motherhood is overwhelming. However, it is important to do a proper planning and preparation for welcoming the new born. Baby monitors, also known as baby alarm is considered as one of the most important purchase that parents should buy when preparing for their new baby.

Baby monitor is simply a device that can be used to monitor your children even if they are located in a separate room than yours. In today’s busy lifestyle, it becomes difficult for parents to stay with their child all the time. If both the mom and dad are working outside, it may not always be possible for them to come home in the middle. Thus, in this type of situation they need something to take care of their child. Purchasing a baby monitor can be one of the best investments that a parent could make.

Monitors for baby helps parents to keep a track of every activity of the child and sends message to them whenever they are outside. Hence, parents are able to know what their child is doing the whole day. It not only provides safety to their child but also provide a peace of mind for the parents.
The best thing about baby monitors is that they are available in both wired as well as wireless models. Parents can choose the one that best suits their requirements.

·  Wired monitors: As the name suggests, wired baby monitors are limited to the length of the wires.

·  Wireless monitors: Wireless baby monitors are much convenient and can easily be moved around the house. However, wireless monitors tend to be slightly more expensive than wired monitors.

When talking about various types of baby monitors, there are broadly three main types:

" Audio device: Audio monitor is one of the most common types of monitor that is fitted in the child’s room. It is a kind of transmitter that broadcasts the sound to a receiver, allowing parents to hear their baby.

" Audio with motion sensor pads: In this type of monitor, along with the sound broadcasted to the receiver, a sensor mat is placed under the baby and plugged into the unit in his or her room. These monitors are best the detect irregularities in baby’s movements. If the baby does not make a movement for a certain period of time, it will immediately trigger an alarm that is transmitted to the receiver on the parent’s end.

" Video monitors: video monitors are great device that come with a small camera that is fitted in the child’s room. It allows the parents to watch their baby as well as hear them. Some of the video monitors offer remote access facility that enables parents to watch their baby on devices such as computer, tablet or Smartphone when they are away from home. The various other features available with these monitors include sound-sensitive light display, room temperature gauge, nightlight, out of range warning signal, talk back facility, battery indicator, etc. All these incredible features ease a parent’s stress when they are not present next to their child.

So many types of baby monitors are there for parents to choose from at baby shop in Melbourne. Choose the one according to the features and capabilities available considering the family’s requirements. 

To conclude, there are several advantages of using baby monitors. Just with the help of a transmitter in the baby’s room and a receiver in the parent’s room, it becomes much easier to keep a watch over baby while he sleeps.

Author Bio:
Daniel Clark, a famous blogger and author who have a keen interest to share information about infant baby safety for new parents and various products available at baby shop in Melbourne. His recent articles are on strollers, joolz prams, baby cot, baby cribs, baby monitors and other baby essentials etc.

Personalized T-shirts To Complement Your Streetwear Outfit


Many people love to wear personalized t-shirts because they make a statement to the world about them. They like to put sayings and pictures on them. A person can customize them to the way that they want them to look, and they can wear them for a variety of functions. They can usually wear them for causal outings and for fun. When people wear them underneath their sweaters, they can look fantastic no matter where they decide to go. 

There are other reasons that personalized t-shirts become popular. Many corporate events like to have these types of shirts made for the people that are attending the event. It is to give them a way to remember how they participated in the event. These shirts can put the name of the company and the event on them so that others will also note that they were in attendance. 

From Urban Outfitters to high end stores like Barney's and Saks Fifth Avenue, t-shirts are always cool! T-shirts are no longer only for casual wear. They can be dressed up with a blazer and other accessories for a night out on the city, or even made appropriate for a business outfit. There are so many options for finding your perfect t-shirt. You can create your own custom graphics or slogans and select from t-shirt blanks with the fit you desire.

It is also great options for Kids, who love to have a shirt that they can wear that has their favorite Disney character on them. Still, other people like to have their sports teams emblems on their shirts that they proudly wear. There are also other people that like to get the Idakoos, CafePress and Zazzle for themselves or for others for a gift. If a person wants to purchase one for another for a gift, they should make sure that they have their right size. They can purchase these items online, and they can be sure that they will get a top quality shirt for a great price. In many cases, they will be able to find discounts and sales. Buying online is simple, and their items will be delivered right to their door. The shirts are easy to take care of too because they are machine washable. 

People that like to wear t-shirts will find that they can look great by themselves or under items, such as suit coats or jackets. Since they usually wear jeans or sweat pants with them, it will create a fantastic look for them. They will look great because it is the fashion from Hollywood and all around to wear the shirts with the street clothes for the ultimate chic look. 

They will find plenty of great ideas for t-shirts everywhere they look. The shirts are very popular, and people will continue to purchase and wear them whenever they can. Many people have a selection of them in a variety of colors so that they can mix and match them with other items in their wardrobes.

Aid Your Child’s Development With Fun Wooden Toys


Playing is one of the most important things a child can do in the early stages of their life. Playing will help them to develop all sorts of skills and allow them to grow to their best potential. Plus, a child who spends a lot of time playing imaginatively is a happy child. 

Because imagination is one of the best tools a child has, it’s important that we choose toys for them which allow them to make the best use of their minds. Sometimes the best thing to do for younger children is give them the simplest toys so that most of their game is left to the imagination and they can figure out more about their interests and likes and dislikes on their own. 

Some of the best toys you can buy for young children are wooden toys. They’re great for young learners to use to develop their skills and understanding of how things work and they allow children to be as imaginative as possible. Most of them are made from high quality wood which makes them long-lasting, so you’ll not only be able to save money on buying new toys, but you’ll also be able to keep them and pass them on to child two and even three! These types of toys have been known to become family heirlooms which are treasured by generations of children, and they’ll provide lots of happy times and memories.

Wooden toys are safe both for your child and for the environment. The non-toxic materials make them safe for playing with and chewing (as many young children will), and they are much more environmentally friendly than toys made from man-made materials. They also make life easier for adults because they are easy to wipe clean, meaning if any spillages occur, mere seconds will be taken out of your child’s playtime whilst you clean up. 

Too many children nowadays are growing up playing with the advanced technology that their parents use, such as iPhone apps and games, and whilst this can be useful in helping their development, it can also be hindering. Children need to learn the art of making the best of what they have and of using their creativity, and they won’t be able to do this when they’re using learning tools where everything is provided for them. By using simpler and more traditional toys, they’ll be able to develop their independence and create a whole world of their own which they can incorporate their friends into or play in alone. 

In order to allow your child to have the best and most fun development possible at the beginning of their life, choose old-fashioned and traditional toys made of wood. You may think of them as fond memories from your past but a lot of the toys available nowadays are up to date and contemporary, so whilst they offer all the same benefits as older toys, they won’t look out of place in a modern playground. They’re available in all sorts of shapes and sizes and you’ll be able to find a toy for any child no matter their interests. 

The Ten Laws of Healthy Relationship Boundaries


It recently came to my attention that I had a problem. For many weeks I would break out in tears whenever I was alone. I felt hopeless and empty and stressed out all the time. I went to a couple of counselors but they did not help me. In fact, it wasn’t until a friend of mine said something simple that I figured out what was really wrong. He told me I needed to set better boundaries. But what is a boundary? How do you create one? How do they work?

I had a lot of questions and no answers so I asked around. Between recommendations online and off line I bought the Christian based book “Boundaries: When to Say Yes, When to Say No, To Take Control of Your Life” by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. It has been very helpful in deepening my understanding of what boundaries are and how to create them without feeling guilty or afraid. Did you know there were ‘laws’ about boundaries; things that make them work? Here are the ten laws and what they mean:

1. Sowing and Reaping – “You reap what you sow” is commonly known, but very true. However when you don’t have good boundaries it is not always true. Many of us, like me, try to help others out of situations. By doing that we spare them the consequences of their actions. They do not reap the problems they sow. However we do! Therefore they fail to learn and we get hit with pain that should not be ours to bear. It can be hard to step back and let others be hurt, but it does not help them to cause you pain and keep doing what they would like. They don’t have any problems and you have them all! It hurts you, it hurts them in the long run, and it creates bitterness and co-dependence. Keep in mind that confrontation and nagging do not bring about change, only suffering consequences does. It doesn't matter how much you talk or warn them, until they reap what they sow they will not learn.

2. Responsibility – This one was hard for me. We are responsible TO other people, but not FOR other people. This means we can’t grow for them or learn for them. We can love them, but that does not mean doing everything they say or want. We are only responsible for taking care of our own needs. That is not selfish. That is taking care of yourself so that you can help and love others without resentment or anger. Doing things, even good things, with a bad attitude is worse than not doing them at all. Everyone must step up and take responsibility for meeting their own needs so that they can truly love others.

3. Power –This is another tough one. You don’t have the power to make everything better. It is not like once you understand boundaries you can magically fix yourself. You have to remember six things that you can do, though:
  • You can agree with the fact that you have a problem
  • You can ask God for help
  • You can ask others to help you understand where your boundaries need work
  • You can stop doing what is wrong when you see it
  • You can ask for help to meet your needs
  • You can apologize to those you hurt

By doing these things you can clarify your boundaries.Keep in mind that you can’t change others with your boundaries. You can only change the way you let them treat you. You only have the power to change what is inside your  boundaries!

4. Respect –One thing that often comes back on us is our double standard. We often feel like once we set boundaries that others saying no is disrespectful. However they have their own boundaries. It is only through respecting their ‘no’ that you can learn to respect your own no.

5. Motivation – Loving too much seems like a weird thing to do, but it can happen. It all comes down to motivation. If you do not love people for the right reasons or in the right ways, if you are lacking boundaries in your love, then you will become resentful and tired. A common motivation is fear. Fear can motivate us to ‘love’ others and abandon our boundaries. There are eight kinds of fears that motivate us:
  • Fear of Abandonment – Are you afraid to stand up to the people you love because you think they will leave you or stop loving you? Do you give love to get love and then get hurt because the others never give you the love you need?
  • Fear of Anger – Do you do things to keep others from getting mad at you?
  • Fear of Being Alone – Do you give into other people to keep them around so you are not lonely?
  • Fear of Being Bad – Do you feel bad or evil when you tell others no?
  • Guilt – Are you guilty for something in your past that you are trying to make up for?
  • Repayment – Do you feel like you owe something to others that you are always trying to pay back?
  • Approval – Are you trying to get others to like you? Are you afraid of disapproval and working constantly to please others?
  • Remembered Loss –Do you have pain in your past that you have not dealt with that you are trying to avoid causing to others? Do you feel the pain of others and therefore can’t say no?

The point is this: you should work to get free of your fear before you try to love others or you will not be able to love with the right motivation. You can’t love someone enough for them to heal you. You have to heal first and then love within healthy boundaries.

6. Evaluation – There is a difference between being responsible FOR a person and being responsible TO them. We all have a responsibility TO others, but we cannot be responsible FOR others. This is where healthy boundaries come into play. You have to evaluate if you are doing things to help them when they need it or for them that they can and should do themselves. Sometimes you need to say no and that might hurt them but it will not harm them. Hurt can be a sign of growth and can help relationships.

7. Proactivity –Although you may go through a reactive phase while you are finding out what your boundaries can be, that means a lot of ‘nos’, you should not stay in that ‘no’ phase forever. Instead move to proactive boundaries. Do not be known for just saying no but for saying yes to things that are within your boundaries and are healthy for you.

8. Envy –Many times people without boundaries will envy those that do have boundaries. They will look at them and wonder why they are not lonely or resentful or unfulfilled. Instead of envying those people we should take steps to improve those areas of our lives. If you find yourself envying someone for something what can you do to fix that issue in your life? It might take a lot of effort, some help or overcoming fears that hold you back to do it. Are you prepared?

9. Activity – Speaking of being ready, you have to push yourself to move past bad habits and create better boundaries. Finding love or acceptance or saying no takes effort. Effort can only be made through activity. If you stay passive you will not be able to grow. “You have not because you ask not.” It doesn’t take backing away to allow people to trample over you. All it takes is doing nothing. Someone will be active, so it better be you. Don’t be afraid to try and fail. You learn. The only true failure comes from never trying.

10. Exposure –Last but not least is exposure. Many of us, myself included, try to create invisible boundaries. Within ourselves we draw lines in the sand but if we don’t tell others about them then we just look angry, abrasive and selfish. You have to be open and upfront about your boundaries so that others know where they lie. Only by exposing your boundaries can they be respected. No matter what, some boundaries will exist. By not exposing them you open yourself up to pain and resentment and block others from having a healthy relationship with you.

Boundaries are an essential part of a healthy relationship. You have to be aware of what you lack and work on creating healthy boundaries that get your needs met. It can be hard to overcome habits and fears from your past, but it is worth it to get to a better point in your future.

Always curious, Ashley Hardway is constantly learning and passionate about sharing what she learns with others. Based in Houston, Texas, she loves to help families grow stronger, help their environments and communities, and keep moving forward! Check out @NannyLady on Twitter to connect and find out more.

Tents, S'mores and Bugs: Classic Camping Movies


Camping films let us enjoy the wilderness and its many delights vicariously through the actors and actresses that pitch their tents under the stars and celebrate the outdoor life.  At times serious but often humorous, the following camping films showcase the great outdoors and all the fun associated with their memorable plots.

The following list of films are exciting and not to be missed! They range from old to new! Check to see if you can catch them on a Comcast comparison site. 

Little Darlings (1980)

Kristy McNichol, Tatum O’Neil, Armand Assante, and a young Matt Dillon make this an unforgettable teen camp movie.  When two girls from opposite worlds wind up at the same summer camp, they make a bet to see who can catch their “man” first!  O’Neil plays a pampered prima donna while McNichol plays a tough girl trying to hide her soft side.

Stand by Me (1986)

This unforgettable story of friendship follows a group of four boys on an outdoor adventure.  While camping out under the stars, they are determined to reach their destination while traveling together through the outdoors. 

The Parent Trap (1961)

With its zany premise, this film shouldn’t be a classic, but it is!  Two long lost twin sisters played by one Haley Mills reunite at a summer camp.  Stunned to meet, they piece their life stories together and realize that each lives with someone dear to the other!  The ensuing madness is precious!

Father Goose (1964)

Starring Leslie Caron and Carey Grant, this comedy classic showcases Carey as a WWII plane spotter on a deserted Pacific Island who is surprised when a rigidly formal teacher and her passel of female students wind up in his care.  Hilarity ensues—particularly when Caron is bitten by a snake and the girls seek to cure Carey of his drinking habit! 

River of No Return (1954)

Starring Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum, this western film is set in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.  From a raging river to mountain lion attacks, this adventure film has all the adventure movie-goers would expect from a Western plus a pretty saloon girl in the form of Marilyn Monroe!

Meatballs (1979)

This film stars Bill Murray as a camp counselor who mentors a group of misfit campers in a hilarious cult classic that never fails to draw laughs. 

Friday the 13th (1980)

This film defined the summer camp horror genre.  Don’t see it before you go camping or you’ll never shower while you’re there—or be able to get any sleep!  Honest!

Defiance (2008)

Sometimes it’s not about the s'mores!  In this movie, Daniel Craig plays a man who becomes the leader of fleeing Jews who escape the Nazis by hiding in the forests of Belarus in Eastern Europe.  Life outdoors is tough, particularly in winter, and this film is based on true events.

Romancing the Stone (1984)

When Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner first teamed up for this modern-day classic, no one knew how fun and romantic it could be to camp out in a jungle with some scary kidnapping thugs on the trail.  Mud slides and waterfalls round out this adventure that also stars Danny DeVito. 

These films may inspire you to get out into the wild with your sleeping bags and tents.  A few, however, may make you just want to curl up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn! 

Courtney Whitehead is a movie maven of many years. In her free time, she likes to share her findings with others on the Web.

Amazing Days in Brela, Croatia


Brela is one of the most lovely towns in the seaside Croatia . It has this unique taste of the past mixed with modern. Placed neatly on little peninsula with glossy and polished stone streets it is somehow developed to fit human needs. It is an ancient place lovely in various seasons.  Croatia is the modern tourist destination, a country which provides something for everybody and which is home to hotels, beach resorts, taverns and activities catering for all needs and wants. For those hankering after an unspoiled vacation destination close to home, Croatia is just under two hours far from the UK by aircraft. 

Croatia is a country of 3 different climates: continental-on the north, mountain - in the middle of Croatia and Mediterranean in its coastal part. At the coastal part of Croatia summertimes are long, dry and hot while winters are moderate and damp, with lots of rain. The very best season to come to Croatia is from early March to mid-September. If you are coming for the sea, June, July, August and September are best. Nonetheless, during July and August Dalmatia gets extremely crowded. 

While you could wish to remain on a budget while in Brela, you will have to conduct a great deal of research and be very sure of the place you wish to rent. On the other hand you can just reserve one of the unique hotels and beach resorts in Brela like Bluesun Hotel Berulia or Hotel Marina, and rest assured your trip will be a pleasure. If Brela sounds fascinating to you, then booking a vacation for you and your family could not be much easier. Booking homes in Brela is simple task and the very best place to begin is finding a suitable vacation rental company on the internet who has a selection of self catering vacation homes in Dalmatia. 

All hotels have very accurate descriptions and picture galleries, and they are also effectively described by their rating stars, however how to discover a good holiday apartment when there is so little information? Most people renting accommodation in Brela are personal property owners and they have nice homes by the sea or in the countryside, with holiday apartments for different numbers of individuals. These apartments and studio-apartments in private houses can vary from basic to luxury ones, but if you're trying to find a really unique experience of Brela, then you certainly need to book lodging in a classic Dalmatian villa. If you do not seem like spending your vacations in a stone house, find a modern villa which follows all latest technology trends, enjoy in its poolside and a view at the sea. It is suggested to make your bookings in advance. To view the list of apartments and villas available in Brela for short periods visit http://www.makarska-apartments.co.uk/en/brela.

Being Active with Our Families


Everyone is busier than ever today with work, school, extra-curricular activities, community events, friends, and on and on we go. When we are at home many times we just want to fall down on the couch or somewhere in front of a television or computer for the evening. We are hearing more and more about obesity in our country and in our children as well. It is time that we as parents take charge and do something very important for ourselves and our families.

I have not always been an active person but I have always done my best to stay healthy and watch my weight. That began to get harder and harder as I got older and we had children. I began noticing clothes getting tighter and a great deal more fatigue in my own life.

My oldest is a girl and is seven years older than my son. She was always the type of child that was happy doing whatever you were doing. She could adapt to just about any situation whether we were active or sedentary it did not matter. She loved doing everything. When my son was born seven years later, not only was I seven years older (and I did not start my family early by the way), but he was an extremely active boy. He needed physical outlets or else, the or else being my sanity and everyone else’s in the family as well.

We made a decision more out of necessity than out of a long process of deep thought about the well being of our family to start being more active as a family. It was the early nineties and technology was blossoming out all over and making huge strides at the time and was threatening to take over our family as well, so my son’s energy was a blessing in more than one way.

After school my children were with my mom until we got home and we are blessed because she is a very active person on her own and made sure that the kids were always doing something productive. You would think that it would be enough for my son but he was the type of child that was already on the phone with me asking what we could do when I got home! There I had just been thinking how exhausted I was and how hard it was going to be to make the drive home and he is asking what we are going to do. Whew.

It was rough in the beginning but I love my children so much that I knew I had to push myself to start doing something after work as a family. We had a nice little park in our neighborhood with playground equipment and a track so in the beginning we either walked or rode our bikes to the park after dinner and then played until dark. We were blessed that in the winter we live in a place that does not get too cold, but it would not matter to my son. We were also blessed that our jobs allowed us to go in early in the mornings and get off in time to get some daylight. Of course the summers were not a problem.

My spouse and I began doing this and at first it was tough but after a few weeks it was actually quite invigorating. We were getting healthier and had much more energy than before. We were having such a good time as a family and were talking much more about the day’s events than we were before too. So we began branching out and taking walks down to the bayou and looked for tadpoles and minnows. My son loved these excursions and many times we went prepared and brought home some creatures for him to keep in an old small pool in the yard. He loved watching the tadpoles turn into frogs and my daughter who was very much interested in science loved it as well.

We started finding new ways to get active like setting up badminton in our back yard and playing as a family. We lived in a cul-de-sac and we would often play street tennis, catch, or throw the football around. We got the kids and ourselves roller blades and started skating and spent way more time in the yard that we did in the house. On the weekends we planned fishing trips and went hiking and if we stayed home to take care of chores we all ended up working in the yard together as a family. It was much easier and much more fun than one person getting stuck with the yard.

I loved mowing, my spouse did the trimming, my daughter the weed eating and my son would run the blower. We ended up having a great time doing the yard together. I realized that once you started exercising as a family and spending time outdoors there was hardly anything you would rather do!

We even started to go camping and I had never been camping in my entire life. My dad’s idea of camping was staying in a hotel and picnics were for the ants, not him. We purchased all the equipment; of course we started out small at first because we were not quite sure what we were in for. We started doing research on camping parks and looked at the state parks in our area. I was absolutely shocked at the number of state parks there are all over the United States! You can go in any direction you want and find a state park equipped with park rangers and all the amenities. You get such a feeling of security when you arrive because of the gates and the rangers and all the pictures you have in your mind of being in the wilderness alone go right out of your mind. There are so many families that camp!

My son absolutely loved camping. Why not? He was out of doors, sleeping in a tent, eating out of doors, had a camp fire, and a lake to swim and fish in to boot! Not only that but he had woods to hike in and explore which was right up his alley. The first camping park we actually went to was quite a surprise for me as they had a certain live animal that I was not prepared for. We live in Texas and in Texas, as in many of the southern states, you come across very unique animals as you venture out to different parts. This particular time as we were putting up the tent we let my daughter take my son over to check out the lake. She came back just a little paler than she was when she left and told me we were not alone, there was something down at the lake I should know about. I walked with her and my first glimpse of this particular animal took me back quite a bit. There were alligators. Oh, I know all about the difference between alligators and crocodiles and one is aggressive and the other is not as long as you do not bother them. Bother them? No way. We spoke with the park rangers and they assured us we were safe but I kept my eyes wide open and was extremely happy we had not chosen a spot right next to the lake. Not the way I want to be woken up in the morning!

As you can tell I am now a big advocate of outdoor living and it has so many benefits for all of us. The kids seem so much happier and healthier, my spouse and I have more energy and are healthier, and we have a much better relationship as a family that we ever have before. There is nothing quite like roughing it with your family because you bond in ways you never have before. I highly recommend getting outside and spending time with your entire family while they are young and making it a way of life. You won’t regret it!

Author Bio:
Elizabeth Reed is a freelance writer and a resident blogger at Liveinnanny. She particularly enjoys writing about parenting, childcare, health and wellness. In addition, she is an expert consultant on issues related to household management and kids.

Smoothies and Juices vs. Oral and Overall Health: Trade Offs


If you read the newspaper on a regular basis you may have seen articles in the health section discussing the negative implications of drinking fruit juice and smoothies, but are they really bad for you and do the health benefits outweigh the risks?

What’s so bad about smoothies and juices?

Research studies have shown that commercial fruit smoothies contain a lot of sugar and this contributes to dental health issues, as well as an increased risk of obesity and diabetes. One of the major problems is that shop-bought juices and smoothies are marketed as healthy products, which are much better for you than fizzy drinks and cordial; however, the reality is that this is often not the case.

In a study of 52 shop-bought smoothies, which was published in 2013, a staggering 44 were found to contain more sugar than a can of cola and all the smoothies were more calorific than the popular fizzy drink.

Another problem with juices and smoothies is that they are acidic and this is even more problematic for the teeth. Acids attack the protective enamel surface of the teeth and cause it to become thinner, which increases the risk of oral infections, tooth wear and injury. The enamel is extremely strong but the body is not capable of regenerating it, so once it’s worn, it cannot be magically repaired.

Do the benefits of juices and smoothies outweigh the risks?

It is true that drinking smoothies and fruit juices can be beneficial for your health. Fruit and vegetables contain a lot of minerals, vitamins and important nutrients and the chances are that glugging a bottle of fruit smoothie will always be more beneficial than drinking a can of pop because they have no nutritional value whatsoever. Your W1 based professional dentist will also always advise against drinking sugary pops. The best thing to do is to prepare your own smoothies at home and use pure fruit and vegetables or to eat pieces of fruit in their original form.

Studies show that many of the potential benefits of smoothies are lost during the manufacturing processes, when the fruit is mashed and peeled. A study published in the British Medical Journal concluded that drinking fruit increased the risk of diabetes, while eating it cut the risk. Researchers found that people who ate fruit on a regular basis cut their risk of developing diabetes by 2 per cent, while those who drank fruit juice three times a week increased their risk by 8 per cent. Some fruits, including blueberries, reduced the risk of diabetes by more than 20 per cent.

Healthy eating tips for good oral health          

Many fruits are beneficial for oral health because they contain vitamin C, which helps with healing and fighting off infections and the maintenance and repair of cells. However, eating fruit can be harmful for the teeth due to the sugar content and low pH value. Fruit has many benefits for general health and you should try to get your 5 a day every day. The good news is that there are healthier ways to get your daily fruit intake. Eating whole fruits and avoiding snacking on fruit between meals are simple measures, which can make a huge difference to your oral health. Eating at mealtimes only prevents your enamel from being under constant attack from harmful acids produced by oral bacteria. Another simple way of boosting your oral health is to ensure you take in the daily recommended intake of calcium; good sources include milk, yoghurt and cheese. Calcium helps to keep your teeth and bones strong.

From East to West – The Roots of Karaoke


Karaoke originated in Japan over 30 years ago and the word comes from Karappo, meaning “empty” and Okesutra, meaning “orchestra” – so it literally means empty orchestra!

There are many stories about exactly where and how it was invented but the most popular one seems to be that it began in a bar in Kobe City in The West of Japan. Legend has it that when the usual musician didn't turn up to play his set one evening the bar owner played a recording of the musicians backing track and the regulars who knew the songs well sang along. This became so popular that the musician was fired and the customers enjoyed Karaoke every night instead.

Kobe City has a long history of being the first area to adopt new trends. One of the first ports to accept foreign trade is quite close and the area is known for being very technologically and fashion forward. It may well be that the creation of Karaoke being in Kobe has more basis in assumption rather than fact. There are many bars all over Japan that claim to have invented Karaoke first.

Wherever and however Karaoke was invented it soon spread throughout Japan and after that to The West, although Japan continues to be its heartland. The Japanese psyche seems well adapted to standing up and singing to an audience and the audiences there are generally appreciative no matter what the quality of singing is.

As Karaoke has become more popular people looked for ways of making their own backing tracks. Before the internet was accessible to all people weren't generally able to download karaoke tracks so they would try to remove the lead vocalist from recordings electronically or buy tapes of well known songs with the lead vocals removed already. This lead to copyright issues and the quality wasn't always great either.

These days it’s pretty easy for anyone with a computer to download karaoke tracks to use in a bar or private party, which is ironic considering that as the ease of downloading karaoke tracks has increased its popularity hasn't. In the late 1980‘s and early 1990’s most towns had at least one karaoke bar and a karaoke machine for home use was a popular Christmas present but Karaoke seems to have fallen out of favor a little.

Even so there are still plenty of karaoke bars around and places that can be hired for private karaoke parties and its still seen as an excellent way of getting the party started. The rise of TV talent shows has encouraged people to have ago at singing themselves in front of an audience and a karaoke bar or party is a brilliant way of doing this without facing the judges buzzers!

Karaoke might not be at the peak of its popularity but with better technology and the ease of downloading karaoke tracks onto smartphones and other devices it is still a great way to entertain and break the ice in group gatherings.

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